It's @gin_wigmore backstage at club Nokia at #warpedtour kick off party
  • vanswarpedtourIt's @gin_wigmore backstage at club Nokia at #warpedtour kick off party

  • rama.dolman@bands4lyfe u mad bro?
  • benjamin_jamesHahaha lol
  • toughtatersGin is the only reason I'm going this year<3 I've seen basically every other band..
  • trevor_l_clarkeWhy are pre teens so self entitled?
  • fabdavidtennantNo i dont have and iphone i have my dads old phone @no_rest_no_sleep
  • fabdavidtennant*an
  • oreovanalen@bands4lyfe you're pathetic. Stop bitching.
  • rama.dolman@bands4lyfe hahah loser shut down, stay in school and go learn the times table
  • fabdavidtennantUh just so you know i have a 3.8 gpa with all honor classes im pretty sure i know my times tables. @ramawolf
  • heyitsgrayson_NZ pride!
  • shalini.jpg@bands4lyfe kids like you are the reason this generation gets a bad rep. You wouldn't be going to any concert if your mother aborted you, now would you? Just let that simmer in you 3.8 gpa brain of yours.
  • sense__offenseDamn, I was going to say something to @bands4lyfe but I think that's been taken care of. XD
  • puravida43Seriously. Stay home. 13 is too damn young to go to Warped, even with that ridiculous 'Reverse Daycare'.
  • kevinlanders93@bands4lyfe kids like you are the reason warped sucks now
  • no_rest_no_sleepNow now... I took my 13 year old to warped tour last year and will be again this year I love the music as much as her. Difference is my child is appreciative and respectful of me and others and at 14 she is now a seasoned concert goer thanks to me so don't say all young teens ruin concerts and are little shits like ^ that one. @puravida43 @ihazredhair @kevinlanders93
  • lizisanaddiction@no_rest_no_sleep You are the most amazing mother. I'm not allowed to go to Warped because my parents want me to go with a group, I only know one other girl who would want to go. @bands4lyfe Calm yourself.
  • no_rest_no_sleepThanks @lizisanaddict I wouldn't want my daughter to go without an adult either, I wanted to be the one to teach her concert etiquette :)
  • no_rest_no_sleepI agree with you 100% !! I was 30 at my first warped and loved it to many disrespectful little brats now a days. @puravida43
  • b.oomairOkay. Not all, but most. I'm so impressed with your mothering though. My mom never let me go to concerts, and I was so jealous of all of the kids that did go. May e that's why I'm so salty. @no_rest_no_sleep
  • nes_uuhThis is my first time at warped my mom wasn't going to let me go she didn't have the money I earned the money and emo cutter I'm sorry but to say that people actually have a problem with that
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