Backstage at the 2013 #warpedtour kick off party it's @AndyBVB & @JulietSimmsALL
  • vanswarpedtourBackstage at the 2013 #warpedtour kick off party it's @AndyBVB & @JulietSimmsALL

  • maffer_whatsernameAsfklga :3
  • lunarproximity@sheeeeeeit I hope you understand that a more frequent full of bullying is verbal bullying & verbal bullying could hurt someone more than physical even. Verbal bullying has caused suicides, self-harm & self hate. & what you are doing here Is verbal abuse. So you can say you are against bullying, but you are being extremely hypocritical judging by the acts you just took. I'm not looking to start a fight with you, man. I'm just telling you s you aren't ignorant anymore. I hope you have a nice day & learn to except all different kinds of people- what they look like, what they sound like, & their music taste.
  • lunarproximity@sheeeeeeit I'm having a fine time growing up. It's Andy Biersack* & you're aloud to not like his music. I'm not talking about insulting the band, I'm talking about insulting the fan. You used names that would get anyone angry. Also, I said I wasn't looking to start a fight so cussing at me & trying to he rude isn't going to help anything. I think you need to calm down because I'm not mad at you. I pity you, but I am not mad. I understated that Baghdad is bad, never said I didn't. That's completely inappropriate for the subject we're on. I don't even know what you suppose verbal bullying is, but I feel sorry for you because you are this ignorant of bullying. Goodbye.
  • beg.for.deathI seriously don't give a shit what his name is. And that fan didn't know shit, just like you. But being angry isn't being bullied. Try to get that through your head. I'm not trying to fight you either, I'm simply letting you know you have it so easy compared to people who live in Somalia, parts of India, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. so that actually is relevant for this conversation. And calling me "ignorant of bullying." Doesn't make it true especially from what you consider bullying. Omg stop callng meh inorant das bullying D,X
  • beg.for.death@music_keeps_the_world_turning
  • capriico@lightnin_thunderstein
  • bananabroatI already saw that pic, Andy posted it himself. @boneyardbarbie
  • horror.prince@livlovesfire_blackveilbrides
  • 17shadesofblack#jandyfeels
  • kirstenpletcherThey are perfect.
  • ct_willocks@sheeeeeeit why would you say you're against bullying when you're here saying rude things and being a total asshole to others?! Seriously, you're really fucked up. Go get some help for fucks sake!!!
  • beg.for.death@keepcalmdanceforever I can't handle your edgy. You really are #2edgy4me
  • ct_willocks@sheeeeeeit excuse me? Im the bully here?! You're the one bashing people for liking Andy! FYI nobody says the word "twat". How old are you, 12?
  • ct_willocks@sheeeeeeit and I know an insult when i hear one. I'm not stupid!
  • beg.for.death@keepcalmdanceforever lolwut? Where do you get your information? Pls stahp before I cal da interweb poleec on u
  • ct_willocks@sheeeeeeit I refuse to waste my time with a bully like you, so I'm blocking you. Bye! :))
  • beg.for.death@keepcalmdanceforever finally, jesus.
  • music_is_life2521I dont like juliet 😐
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