Screen shot from "The Crash Course" The Warm Up- part 2. Filmed in the #stormtrooper #Zildjian #DavidChoeSkull  #5strokerollvariations #DrumLife
  • travisbarkerScreen shot from "The Crash Course" The Warm Up- part 2. Filmed in the #stormtrooper #Zildjian #DavidChoeSkull #5strokerollvariations #DrumLife

  • yuribarbalhoThe best drummer!!
  • maulanafadhilahGanteng keren parah ---->> Too handsome!! Too cool!!
  • veronica_nika__verovogueSexy
  • waniekayleighgomezLove you @travisbarker 😘
  • piss_bonerWhat is that text font called?
  • ssandy26You're FUCKIN' awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • j_bird28New pad design!? @travisbarker
  • blink182quotesThe drummer is getting some ;)
  • 74rana@blink182quotes get in and go check out #nailsfortails tribute for one of your biggest fans she was only 27 tragically taken in a car accident let's see you guys support the sentiment
  • blink182quotes@74rana I'm not in any way affiliated with the band, but obviously my heart goes out to her
  • jessiepaintsSo cool!
  • melodyk3Something about you, your spirit! Past the tough boy image and tattoos I still only see your sweet kind soul and all you do for the good of people. Lost my husband 6 months ago and he was a true kind soul here on earth, just like you. Keep being you<3
  • miranda_dtdMr. Barker- I posted a picture of you on my profile. I got a lot of stuff for my birthday, and you're one of them! (I know I'm weird I'm sorry.) I got a signed picture of you from eBay. I also got a vinyl of "Can a Drummer Get Some" I am a HUGE fan. You are my hero. Well one of three (Tom and Mark of course!) I've looked up to you since I was about four. I just turned 15 yesterday. I'm so thankful for every gift I got but what I really want (and have been wanting for quite sometime) is for you to just say hi. Or like a photo. Or really anything! I just want to be noticed by you. I know you read these. I really do. Please Travis. I'm not seeking to marry you or have kids with you or anything creepy. I respect you and your kids too much to be creepy like that. All I want is for my hero to know I exist. Thank you for your time.
  • fujikogigiOpps typo I wanted*
  • vperrasNice
  • iamjacob182Awesome @travisbarker
  • ma__oee@travisbarker would consider come to brazil by ship?? I pay your ticket !
  • rise0rdietryingAmazing on your rudiments @travisbarker. Always such an inspiration.
  • patbateman311Fucking legend
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