Me, @pattistanger and @coconut_circles discussing my future Ken. Lets do this, Patti!! #ghalichiglam #lillylashes #lillyghalichi #shahs
  • lillyghalichiMe, @pattistanger and @coconut_circles discussing my future Ken. Lets do this, Patti!! #ghalichiglam #lillylashes #lillyghalichi #shahs

  • linderhinThat's right! You did promise her she could find you someone after so long! You go Patti! @lillyghalichi @pattistanger
  • katarinalynnxoGorgeous girl !
  • laotas@lillyghalichi I swear to God you heart is made of gold, maybe u love the finer things in life, but the love and loyalty and sacrifice u gave ur ex is something money can't buy, life's true riches. I also was engaged to a handsome, successful intelligent guy and they can be so smooth in how they cheat, lie and manipulate, but just because we are sweet doesn't mean we are stupid! I also held on way to long even when my inner strength was saying run away! u are an absolutely amazing person, and I pray that the Man U meet is beyond incredible, there is no doubt they would love u, it's just about finding him.... And I know u will, one day in the near future God is going to wash all this hurt away and give you what u deserve. I hope that once settled into a new life someday that u will write a book about ur life... Because let me tell u something lilly... u are the true definition of what God calls for in a woman , it is so rare to not drink alcohol, keep up with ur appearance, be hardworking, and then u have ur sensitive heart that sacrificed so much for the Man U loved... Truly amazing and ur story will touch lives!
  • ar.zargarian@eatonbeaver I got left you go right
  • starmonica1Patty! Love her
  • niks_f❤❤❤❤❤
  • jessicaburciagaLove it!
  • justineopalthis needs to happen!!!
  • 2maris2Stanger @pattiecakke
  • 2maris2Show this to Farah!!! @pattiecakke
  • pattiecakke@2maris2 I love my hair! Lol. We need a pic of stanger and maloof together
  • 2maris2Yep see no worries about the do @pattiecakke
  • luckyl20Love you both.
  • raaansyوووعع
  • glassbyariel@pattystanger perfect! Get this girl someone deserving of her!! The right lady for the job 😎
  • shabxz@pattystanger I sent u my profile, but no one ever answered me or emailed me ....!!!! What do u do with people's profiles ? 😳
  • cyberghetto_@pattistanger reminds me bbq of katy perry. @lillyghalichi
  • irachita@pattistanger this girl needs the best !!!
  • fagsbLayla u should ask patti do a mixer for u!!!
  • gulliermo81Ke figa ke sei
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