Sri Lanka. πŸŒ΄β˜€πŸŒŠ
  • annecurtissmithSri Lanka. πŸŒ΄β˜€πŸŒŠ

  • elias1wWow
  • iamsexyfiedBeen there for 2 yea
  • iamsexyfiedGreat country same weather as phils.
  • iamprettytriciaYou're in Sri Lanka @annecurtissmith? I hope to see you here :-)
  • prettybabes79I hope this is in Galle?;) Sri Lanka is one of my favourite Asian countries-the food,the people,and the place..well, their beaches and sunsets are magnificent!we stayed in LightHouse Resort and Spa for 10 days and it was a great experience!their gemstones are of good prices too-better buy some @annecurtissmith :) and their tea--never been that addicted to teas until I've tasted the Sri Lankan tea!i hope you enjoy your holiday there--the people are as warm as Pinoys.always ready to give you their warmest welcome--it was splendid!:)
  • miyukisuzuki21Wow! Now i know why you want to go in that country....=)
  • iveautyOmg! Are you going to maldives as well?
  • cassielowmanTropical
  • whispering_angelsI hope you could visit Maldives too coz its nearby Sri Lanka @annecurtissmith :)
  • markz1990Miss Anne pa FAN-SIGN po ako plssss M.Lenn here :)
  • markalvinbeaHi po... pa fansign po...
  • kidsfurniturehubWooow.
  • merz01Beauliful...
  • aymeleybahAyy, ang ganda!! ;))))))
  • angelijolie731Omg so happy you are there my moms hometown. Check out the string hoppers with curry also appa's don't miss yummy Sinhalese food Anne!
  • minaloveheartGanda :))
  • lashanielIve been there so many times :)) the beaches there is so good :))
  • beasantossBeautiful
  • bertypentoAnne i have 2facebook 1sahrie sandicho2berty pinto same ok
  • bertypentoi am hsppy you are in sri lsnka we likr Pilipins we respect Pilipin
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