Soon Nemo is coming to meet Mio for the first time❤❤❤
  • thechosenone665Soon Nemo is coming to meet Mio for the first time❤❤❤
  • sofiedjSå mysigt 😄!
  • damacriTell us how he reacts! Cute pic! :)
  • stoshjurgessAww 😃
  • finjaa1988Thats great! I'm sure he is realy happy to see his little brother :-)
  • ghostlove_scoreAww! I can imagine how he feels ;-)
  • almadeiNemo is older brother at present. Happy older brother of this little angel)
  • pikkukoniymoomin <3 now is nemo a big brother and not the little one :)
  • a_orlova_kmI Dono how much I'm happy 4 you and your family!!!!!💛💛💛💛💛
  • i really wonder how he'll react 😍
  • petraaavGongrats! I'm really happy for you and your family!
  • sheibawolfOh I'm.s
  • sheibawolfOh I'm sure there gonna love eachother! :) and be best friends for sure!
  • whitefoxredhellOoooh, it is soo cute ♥♥♥
  • karinlinnea05Ooh, Mumin och Snorkfröken:) Njut av alla stunder: bröderna träffar varandra. Helt ljuvligt ! Take care, Anette, and hope you are ok , and without pain after your surgery. Lots of love to you all! Karin
  • andreavisantHow is Mio pronounced? "Meeo" or "Maio"?
  • melanienemoOhh ! Sweet meeting !! Take care Anette :*
  • anvoixI think Mio is pronounced as "Meeo" the same way like in the song Mio My Mio
  • femythessOh exciting!!!please do tell us later how the first meeting go! Take care! :-)
  • pepalaria'Mio' means 'mine' in Spanish. That's nice :)
  • ale_alejaCongratulations Anette :)
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