Listening to this today. #recordcollection
  • dansmithismListening to this today. #recordcollection

  • jeremiahworld@dansmithism yes
  • sean_o_hillI like this whole album
  • mookxoneYes! Great Aussie music!!! Hope all is well my brother!!
  • jaydischordI take back what I said the other day lol.
  • rockx44Love this record!
  • katel1508Love that album!
  • xmichaelajanexPerfection!!
  • sosteneslopesLove this
  • gotankgoSaw this tour with my dad!
  • dansmithism@jaydischord haha! 50%of the time it's good 100% of the time.
  • landozamoraThe beds are burning 👌
  • mch2kBest of Both Worlds is one of my favorite songs of pretty much all time.
  • loganlamonsThe Dead Heart
  • mulder89Ah midnight oil. There was a great Aussie band. Pity Peter went into politics
  • tilted89Hahahha yewyew this album is my whole childhood
  • matttskibaKiller band/record
  • lowtek_feralicbird noises my favorite oils.. Album . seen them on goat island in the middle of Sydney Harbour ... we hired a wheel chair and strapped a mini keg of coopers sparkling red ale In it...( you should remember that beer from ya times in Oz..) so we also got to smuggle some other goodies in under that chair. and got VIP access and treatment all day n night long cos of that chair... fuck i miss the 80s... and some of the Oz Rock and Punk bands of the 70/80s @dansmithism
  • s_vivoToo bad he doesn't make as good a politician as he did a muso!
  • lisa_agYes!!!!
  • richiehendoSunrise tv here in Sydney did a special and actually went to the house in the picture. It's in Burra - South Australia. Beautiful landscape. Hope you're well Dan.
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