Look what I'm doing now!! Shooting for the Im Vlogging Here documentary!! How do I look? LOL
  • charlestrippyLook what I'm doing now!! Shooting for the Im Vlogging Here documentary!! How do I look? LOL

  • jesskatsinas@charlestrippy haha looks like your attention is straying towards the playing with the microphone 🙊
  • jerremyyCant wait for the documentary. Definitely buying it.
  • trevman21I'd this for that Vlogger fest thing with @ChrisPirillo I heard your going to it in June @charlestrippy
  • lovetobefit2016Cute!
  • rubberrduckeRasta coloured house. Am I the only one whose ever noticed that?
  • nietbrandonleehoopOmg @rubberrducke My head is bleeedddiiinnnggg
  • the.vegan.hair@christians731 thanks!
  • karlacamach0@charlestrippy Yayy! I can't wait to see it! 😊 *PS I'm fangirling like crazy because you replied! 😍 Haha
  • arachapopYou look awesome!!!
  • clocho123You look fine to me!!!
  • art.spYo dwag!!
  • _mepmHD camera wow awesome
  • pedro_chambel_martinsYou look great and the quality of the image too!! Nice house by the way!! :)
  • melyssamarieg@hhdiamond I also grew up where they were from and if you're upset about WTK "losing their hometown feel", I don't think you can blame the fans he brought with him to the band. They lost their hometown feeling when they first hit MTV, which was around 2008, before Charles Trippy became a member. But losing the hometown feeling you're talking about is a good thing; it means they now have a huge fanbase and can travel, sell more merchandise and continue improving.
  • domo12244Cool
  • marioskepisi wonder how much time will the documentarty take to upload to youtube...
  • andrew__18__Damnnn who's the one on the right ? ;)
  • bzbee9382 minutes? How long is the documentryy??
  • adamslife365The I'm Vlogging Here is a major documentary (movie theatre documentary) Great work guys. I cant wait till this is all done.
  • the.perks.of.being.sophieWhen will it come out
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