I still don't get LinkedIn. See attached.
  • chris.broganI still don't get LinkedIn. See attached.

  • unmistakableceoI think the groups are fairly useless. But there's some other cool stuff. I used the the new features to make some big changes to my profile
  • rorytuckerDid you 'send'?
  • sweating_it_offI kind of get it but don't really. I try to use it for job searching and networking but seems to be more like a professional FB.
  • christiangadamsI've gotten new business through LI, but they are their own worst enemy. They got rid of Q&A and as said in above the groups are useless. Penalization for inviting to connect is also backwards. It is the direct connection (Ted Rubin's) Return On Relationship) is what works best for new biz on LI.
  • therealsjrI've made lots of money using LinkedIn, but I don't use it like anyone else. Happy to discuss with you @nothinglost
  • therealsjrTo clarify Chris, my process is repeatable, teachable and involves zero spam. Let's compare notes some time... @nothinglost
  • lewishowesI can teach you ;)
  • jdainhansonI would listen to @lewishowes. He gives some really good advice on how to use LinkedIn effectively.
  • pjrvsthat's why i don't use linkedin. although twitter is getting just as bad...
  • iamkhayyamQuick question @lewishowes, how frequent are you searched for on the daily?! #research
  • iamkhayyam@nothinglost You don't need that shit dude, you're golden.
  • andershaslum@lewishowes that was what I was thinking too ;)
  • rizzoteesIt's a sell-a-th0n!
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