Can't believe how big my son is getting. #mystere theater 2013 #vegas #tingting @tivegas
  • jokoyCan't believe how big my son is getting. #mystere theater 2013 #vegas #tingting @tivegas

  • nona_rnAdorable ❤
  • erosmvEach age gets more interesting, challenging and fun at the same time. Thank you for making us laugh!
  • 77shannonmarieSo special that you can share these things with Joe. :) Awesome.
  • domodo8149@jokoy I said CLEVELAND not Columbus!!! :-( I still love you, though!!! ;)
  • jay_ashotatsundown😂😂😂 #tingting !!!!
  • kenrickelodeonJust wait until he gets a girlfriend dats when u can come up with sooo many new jokes pare'
  • uncle_eddogg216@lindsay10886 I 2nd that.
  • sanchezooHi buddy, remember me from Nordstrom?
  • alyssthegreatYour son is adorable!! :D
  • meme_powerz@jokoy your super cool👍👍👍
  • coops_mamaCutie pie
  • alisadamasoS
  • alisadamasoDude I still have that business card you have me at the Laugh Factory years ago with your kid as a wee crying babe!
  • alisadamasoGave*. Goddammit
  • mareee36So cute!!! But just wait till instead of him looking up to you you have to look up to him because his taller than you !!! That happen to me and my daughter @jokoy
  • jenxashIt's amazing that you get to share all of this with him.
  • m2esquireAt least her stopped showing his TINGE TING! "LOOK AT MY TING TING!!"
  • cupcakegurlieI just blows me away when I look at pics...thank you so much for sharing the biggest part of your world. Amazing!
  • vinkyvinkCan't wait to see your performance in Houston next week!
  • nelderrrKodak moment!!, father and son !!
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