@OakleyWomen rocking my #BackHand shades loving the comfort & style pic by @BirthAthlete
  • kerrileewalsh@OakleyWomen rocking my #BackHand shades loving the comfort & style pic by @BirthAthlete

  • caracaribouyou are such an inspiration!!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model
  • hannahmccueYou're awesome
  • scacer14You are so amazing! U have no idea how much i look up to u! 😘
  • aly_tarrI can't believe how active you are so far along!! You are amazing!
  • oakleywomenA true beauty!
  • laurenfendrickLove this pic. You look great!
  • sarashepheard@kerrileewalsh-Hi Kerri, I just found out I'm expecting my first baby in November. I would love to know what workouts you do that are safe. You are my inspiration! ☺💪
  • vintageparrillaOmg your so cute ☺
  • popsugarfitnessYou look amazing!
  • _all_things_volleyball_you are my volleyball idol. you are an amazing player, you are like the nicest person ever, and you are gorgeous! i want to be just like you when i get older! right now I'm playing 14u club and my coach wanted me and three other girls to play up at an 18u tourny, I'm so excited that he thinks I'm good enough! it's funny cause one of the other girls is my best friend and our coach said we reminded him of you and misty! biggest compliment ever! 💕
  • k8edwards@kerrileewalsh you are the biggest inspiration out there. thank you for being amazing <3
  • scifres5You are my idol you have inspired me to keep going after I injured my shoulder and ankle, to keep going to keep training!! You are my favorite Volleyball player and I hope to one day make it to the Olympics😘
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