This Vox Continental Baroque is a crazy combo organ. Lots of great reedy sounds @nmc_canada
  • gotyeThis Vox Continental Baroque is a crazy combo organ. Lots of great reedy sounds @nmc_canada

  • liliagotye😘😍❤💚💜💙💛💗💓💕💖💞💘💋💌
  • sharpbluepixGreat sounds of yesteryear. Without which Deep Purple and the like would have sounded so different had these not been invented.
  • nothing_but_colours@liliagotye ur obsessive.
  • nothing_but_coloursLooks so cool
  • liliagotye@colourss_daily quite a bit;)
  • nothing_but_colours@liliagotye do u love him
  • liliagotye@colourss_daily he is the best😊
  • medialuxYou are making fellow nerds very happy with these pics :-)
  • nothing_but_colours@liliagotye I will love ya guts if u believe me. I live in Victoria in a town called Merricks. And he lives next door to me. But I didn't see him but u will just walk around town and see him random places. But not usually he's normally on tours
  • liliagotye@colourss_daily If so then this amazing! Wow😉
  • nothing_but_coloursWell I live in WA now but a couple years ago while i was still in WA I'm like I FRIGING LOVE HIM! Then I googled him and realized THAT O MY GOSH HES MY NEXTDOOR NEIGHBOR! Now I hate my mum for leaving there. Lol... People tease me for liking him but im not a sheep so who cares about them.( btw I'm 12 g
  • hooray4johnnyjHow many of these organs have you used to played STATE OF THE ART? I hope you don't start the apocalypse!
  • hooray4johnnyjHe's a genuine and humble musician, Wally and also his touring band. I met them both stops in Philadelphia last March and October. They always spent way more time with their fans than one could ever expect. Great memories!
  • ___radioactive__I guess the organ is STATE OF THE ART
  • nothing_but_coloursPeople Stop sending ILY to him cos there's no point it just annoys people when UR doing that.
  • chiara_postregnaI swear I saw u at Nando's in Mornington about a year ago
  • maxcheneyI was gonna get one like that, oh and by the way, you are my favourite musician
  • i_am_normWhy would you want to go out, when you could spend all day with the Vox Continental Baroque?
  • aparkrSo glad you're enjoying your time in Calgary! I only wish I could meet you, my favorite musician, before you have to leave! Another concert here soon please? :)
  • hotdinnerbatmanOoo i rally just want to hear what this one sounds like honestly
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