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  • whiteley_m@riley_matthew_payton umm then if marriage is about creating a child, then why are older couples that can't have kids get married? And why can people who just can't have kids get married? Marriage is about love, not children. @alwaysalexis__ really? Bc I thought being a Christian was about have faith in god, not being a robot to the bible. @connor.weimer you. You're completely right. It's happening, more and more states are legalizing it so non supporters better just accept it now.
  • rol.lex@whiteley_m Then You Shud Know Being A Christian By Having Faith In God & The Bible Go Hand In Hand .... You Have To Read Gods Word To Understand Why Its Wrong ... & Just Becuz Its Being Legalized Doesnt Mean Anyone Has To Just Sit Back & Accept It. Everybody Trynna Shove It Down Our Throats,Its Just Annoying .
  • connearThanks @whiteley_m
  • whiteley_m@alwaysalexis__ and people like you are trying to shove you're beliefs down everyone else's throats. Christians are able to interpret the bible along with the new times. If we didn't then we wouldn't be able to eat shellfish, or get tattoos, or get divorced. Now tell me, do you eat shellfish? Are you against tattoos? Do you activate against divorce? Because the bible clearly states that those are wrong too.
  • rol.lexIdky You Catching Feelings . Just Stating Facts . & I Dont Have To Lol @whiteley_m
  • purpleman42GAY AF
  • sarahelhout_Happy Birthday Beeen 💕🎉
  • melvintaykoThanks a bunch
  • whiteley_mThank you so much for everything💕
  • rrated_Actually dumb ass it's says in the bible that man and man shall not lay down TOGETHOR in the Old Testament AND MAN MENT MAN KIND SO THERE FOR MAN AND WOMEN and it's says nothing about people being gay in the New Testament, and your judging us so that means your sining OH and did you know that in the bible it says that you should live like it AS IN NO PHONE NO TV ONLY THINGS YOU NEED TO SURVIVE SO IN MY OPINION WE ARE ALL GOING TO HELL IF WE ARE NOT THERE ALREADY ☺️ YOUR WELCOME
  • rrated_@lbishop99
  • rrated_If your so against it WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ON THIS PAGE @lbishop99
  • rrated_and also if god ment for man to reproduce why did he make a man with both parts or a women with both parts or a man with dead sperm❓ and you are so right @youngstunna333
  • bishop2200@_xsinlovely_ alright Genesis Chapter 19. Read that please.
  • bishop2200And your grammar needs some work, please spellcheck before you bombard me with such stupidity @_xsinlovely_
  • bishop2200@_xsinlovely_ last thing, when it says man shall not lay with another man that does not mean mankind😂 God gave us sexual organs to reproduce😂 If we were not supposed to have sex, we wouldn't have organs to reproduce😂 Please get your facts straight before you tag me in such stupidity. Also it mentions Sodom and Gomorrah several times in the new testament😂
  • embar.hמלאך שלי @nir_shechter
  • nir_shechterהעיקר שנהנית בחיפושים @embar_halegoa
  • liv._.murphyYusss!
  • aylinforprincessThank you so so so so much for supporting gay rights! It's really sad to see that a lot people in the hip hop scene still insult gays. And it's sad that gay isn't that normal yet. I mean if it's normal then you don't need to come out? It shouldn't be such a subject. You're gay and that's it. It shouldn't be such a shock if someone's gay. I shouldn't wirte such a long text about it. That's love. That's normal love. Love is love. This world is so fucked up. But not everyone is like that. Youre not like that. I really hated the hip hop/rapper scene because almost everyone insults women, they're insulting homosexuality, they're talking about drugs and alcohol and about how much sex they had with bitches and all this shit. That's so inhuman. But then there were you. You rapped about how bad drugs are, you didn't even insult women, you support gay rights. I began to become a fan of you and Ryan. Your songs are human. They all have messages. Contradiction, Wings, Otherside, Starting Over, SAME LOVE and a lot of other songs. And these songs really reflect me. I can see myself in them. These songs helped me through really hard times. You helped me through hard times! I just wanted to say thank you. I hope I'm going to see you soon and tell you how thankful I am.
    Lots of love from Germany xx
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