Chi town look for tonight #FashionSwag #itsjustdifferent
  • kingjamesChi town look for tonight #FashionSwag #itsjustdifferent

  • e.s.t19xxSwag
  • all_fa_moneiThat's what's up right there#wipedown
  • omi.cepero@kingjames
  • nimaminianBig phone... big guy , congrats Lebron I have loved you since 3rd grade and I cried when you lost the first 2 Championships and cried the next two ... But this time of joy ! #akronrepresent --- #miamiera
  • jordanstayflynolieSwag out lol
  • dominick_fairfield12Swag
  • baltimore.nellA lebron i am a big fan
  • reagansthompsonI'm a huge fan. Your amazing
  • lcoke3He's throwing up sixes
  • lil_dude_dope_afhe in his zone
  • mixed_princeAyyyye chi town stand up
  • 4lowaceIn history I played basketball all my life and I was wondering if u could come to my game plz at Solon high school or text me for further contact I am hoop @kingjames
  • jayjenk25Best baller in the NBA hands down. And def will pass MJ EVENTIALLY in his career. But wtf is up wit the alester crowly t-shirt maaaannnnnn! smdh #Killuminati
  • worldtorFix yur hat b lol
  • andersonkris20@braxton2k who dress better ?
  • splash_evBron bron mamma said fix yo hat im still waitin for them shoes bro ima fuck ur wife when i get to ur crib
  • chaseswaveyHappy birthday LeBron, I just wanted to say that you are my inspiration , I am 17 years old and I have Bern following you closely since I was in elementary school, when you where in your junior year at Saint Vincent-Saint Mary. I remember when you were doing a documentary and said you and Tiger Wood shared a birthday today while you was driving a Hummer and listening to Jay-Z. You do not know how much you inspired me to work hard everyday to make my middle school team I still didn't make the team, but that didn't stop me, now I am a junior in high school and I play Varsity with letters from multiple college, you have inspired me to make it out of the hood just like you. Another reason I look up too you now is because we have a lot in common for example, we both write with our left hands but shoot with our right, we both wear a size 16 shoe. Although you prolly won't even look at this I just wanted to let you know that somebody looks up to you not just for basketball. Just keep God first and Happy birthday man.
  • mllemmon10LeBron you are amazing. I also look up to you not only at basketball everything. I know you won't read this but you really inspire me.
  • waun2xsHey LeBron ? My birthday is coming up February 5th. I live in Cleveland Ohio . I wanted to know is there any possible way that we could chill for my birthday . I've never been into sports. But now that I watch them I look up to you. You give back 2 the city you came from that's all I want to do . I'm 14 years old turning 15 . I go to Saint Martin DE porres high school I work at metro health hospital just gaining experience into the health field I some day hope to work inside of it . Again my name is Duwaun @kingjames
  • jillianwilkerson@mara_ursu @jasminewalker10 😂😂
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