Today I'm thinking of the Supreme Court. I hope they remember what makes our country great, and support equality for all.
  • theellenshowToday I'm thinking of the Supreme Court. I hope they remember what makes our country great, and support equality for all.

  • easybreezybeautifulsummregirl@marinaajk lololol. They are too squishy for me.. If they were hard like apples I'd eat them more
  • ihateallyoubitchs08745👭👬👭👬👭👬👭👬
  • _cassandran_Em no
  • pimpdaddyluke@hollywood_movie RETHINK yourself, idiot. Of course God wouldn't tell ANYBODY to burn in hell. But they WILL if they aren't saved. Was I judging?!? NO. STOP BEING AN IDIOT AND THINK FOR A CHANGE. Being gay IS wrong and I'm not going to have and idiot like you telling me it ISN'T! It is very clear in the bible that being gay is wrong and I THINK YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY READ IT RATHER THAN PRETENDING THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING. You obviously don't know much at all.
  • pimpdaddyluke@hollywood_movie Oh, I'm not the Christian? How about you read the Bible and Get right with God, then get back to me. Oh, and p.s. God created PEOPLE equal, NOT MARRIAGE.
  • morganmcsorley@niall_flavored_gum being gay is not wrong it is not their choice if they want to be gay They were created like that and u want to know who created everyone including gays, GOD so just dont say anything
  • pimpdaddyluke@celeste_that_one_chick Actually, it is a choice. If it wasn't a choice, everyone would be straight. And I'm not even going to sugarcoat it for you. Almost all gays don't believe in God, which means they're going to hell. Case closed. Im done with you.
  • hvnnybee@niall_flavored_gum I'm sad to say that we are both directioners. Just because you live by some book written 3000 years ago doesnt mean other people have to. And what you said it wrong,disrespectful and just plain old ignorant. Just because somebody loves somebody with the same parts doesnt mean they don't believe in god. People like you make me lose hope in humanity. We are all human just because somebody likes somebody with the same chromosomes doesnt mean they are any less human than you. And it's not far that you are bashing them just because they like somebody that doesnt have different parts.
  • hvnnybeeAnd they never said that gay marriage was wrong all it said was that adam was given eve and know everyone thinks that adam like adam is wrong. Or eve liking eve is wrong.
  • celeste_that_one_chick@perfectionis_niall thank you! Some one agrees with me. That girl is just rude. Lol she blocked me. 😂😂😂 she knew I was right though. I'm Christian and I'm not like her. I love ALL people. If you respect me, I'll respect you.
  • hvnnybee@celeste_that_one_chick exactly! People like us are just stuck on a planet full of ignorance and closed minded-ness! People need to wake up smell the coffee and stop living by a book written 3000 years ago.
  • celeste_that_one_chick@perfectionis_niall preach 🙏 lol! But yeah, until we start loving one another fights are going to keep going, wars are going to keep going, and the hate is still going to rise.
  • vivikraus@niall_flavored_gum u are ignorant. If its a choice why do you choose to be straight? Huh? Do you think you could choose to be gay? Well I couldn't choose to be anything other than who I am. And why are you following Ellen if you think that it's wrong.
  • pimpdaddyluke@_vivifish_ you're irrelevant, and I'm not following Ellen. This was on the popular page, genius.
  • howsemma@niall_flavored_gum If you don't like someone, don't say they'll go to hell on their page. Didn't your Mom ever tell you if you can't say anything nice don't say anything? Personally I think Ellen's an amazing person and all love is love.
  • vivikraus@niall_flavored_gum I no I am a genius......
  • vivikrausOh, and @niall_flavored_gum people cannot be irrelevant, only comments
  • erik1123Gays = no rights!!!!!!!!!!
  • w0nderful.w0nderful@theellenshow I just wanted to say thank you for being you. In some ways you've paved the way for change; for so many people come out, to stop being afraid or ashamed of who we are. You made history - even if maybe you didn't want or intend to at first. You have also changed the future, done so much good. I am one of the countless people who find you an inspiration. You give us confidence to be who we are, to not hate ourselves because of what our families or society has told us. I'm happy you and Portia found eachother. That you're happy. You are both an inspiration and I just can't thank you enough for all the kind, wonderful things you do each day and your courage to be who you are. You've helped so many, I'm sure you know. I am one of those people you helped. I can't imagine what my world would be like without people like you who show me what real love is, when I'm surrounded by those who don't understand or approve. Thank you, thank you, thank you ♡
  • inspiredbytaliaYou give me hope.
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