Thank you for your Prayers.
  • porsha4realThank you for your Prayers.

  • terakayrYou deserve a better man that's gonna support you no matter what!! That's real love!
  • msdenzelBelieve that God knows what we want but its best to give us what we need stay prayed up know that u r loved and admired by many let ur beautiful still shine through its okay to cry ur human don't let it consume u release it let it out GIVE GOD THE PRAISE EVEN IN TIMES LIKE THESE just no that somebody somewhere is worse off than u if u don't believe it then take a walk down the HOSPICE HALLWAY N C MAY GOD FOREVER KEEP HIS LOVING ARMS AROUND U @porshadstewart
  • missjblessed_222Porsha.... You are so blessed & beautiful !!! Keep moving forward in Jesus name!!! Trust me... He is going to regret it later on. He is a control freak,selfish and manipulative,also mean spirited. For no reason at all ..... Just be glad he didn't waste too much of your time. Don't be ashamed of anything. It is not your fault he is A DIrty Dog. Actually you should send him a thank you note.
  • desjarahAll The Love and Best Wishes To You QUEEN! #fav🙏💋
  • sheshedarealbossladyYou are such a sweet sweet soul!!!! I admire you & your energy!!!! My prayers are with you that you can get through whatever path god has for you!! Bless you, keep your voice & keep praying love @porshadstewart ❤❤❤🙌
  • lakeishahinnantI would love to meet you @porshadstewart my Fav on the show right along with nene
  • pee_dubbReal deal
  • justdoing_jj@melanielovesaj (:
  • mellovesajggtoneI love it!! Thanks @ello_jecenia :)
  • juliegc12Amen
  • babyabeeAmen ❤ u soo much Porsha, I don't agree with divorces as a Christian, but I also want to see u extremely happy, cuz ur jus such a lovely person and deserve happiness, wish u the best Porsha. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • princessss.xoIt's ok girl, because he wanted to possess someone beautiful, but not love and partner with you. Your true life partner God.
  • prtypinkI have that same pic in my living room! Gives you so much strength when u read those words!
  • rapunzelthefutureofhair
  • swilliams_luluYes Lawd my sister
  • dwich4lifeYour so pretty, with a beautiful spirit. God Bless You
  • bettyboop1014@mz_fancy_face 
  • theyllbealrightLet the church "Say Amen"
  • chgu09😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
  • mysterious_8732Aman! ;-)
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