Now workout time!!
  • juleshoughNow workout time!!

  • jonnmannI just found out we were born on the exact same day. Seriously motivates me to get my life together!!
  • meeanduuW is for What is your favorite position? I I I workout.....I heart Jules.
  • meeanduuSeriously God has blessed you in soooo many ways! God is Awesome!
  • luizakameoI know ur on insta! Please answer me it will make me so happy!! Did u ever want ur fav celebrity to answer u when u were younger u are my idol
  • luizakameoPlease it would mean so much to me! Make ur truest fan happy!
  • denise_aloe_vera👍
  • areejaalbaharLOVE !!x
  • abbidonoI love you! Youre flawless @juleshough
  • joecreatonSo cute
  • aj_bansWith a a pen and paper lol?
  • j.blake5Dear Julianne, I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I don't think anyone has or ever will love you as much I do. I have pictures of magazines of you and all the magazines and movies you've ever been in. I read safe haven twice and saw it twice. I can't tell you much I love you. I look up to you. You're my role model. Also, my inspiration. You followed your dreams and I'm trying to do the same. You are beyond gorgeous. I talk to your niece Myla quite often and she is awesome. I wanted her to tell you I said hey yesterday but you left. I wish I could meet you, and just talk to you and tell you this In person. You're an absolute outstanding person. I love you so much. If you read this, please reply. @juleshough @juleshough @juleshough
  • annanicolemorrisLulu lemon!
  • wfhorns324bruno You are a complete SCUMBAG!!!!
  • tool0lootI agree. @324bruno needs to grow up. Obviously @juleshough doesn't have time to read comments or I'd hope she would block him.
  • _scotty_w@ze666ra shocker finger sweep
  • tessacarolynn11😂😂😂😂🙌
  • ziadanoCute
  • jennifermaggio15I want a friend like you.. You seem so fun to hang around with! You actually post pictures of yourself eating! I thought no girl besides me did that! Lol
  • oktaysahin35Yaşlı başlı kadınsın lan yaptıklarına bak
  • aburchel@juleshough where did you get your hat?? I've been looking for one similar!!!
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