No words necessary.
  • fergieNo words necessary.

  • madeleineteohWohooooo!
  • dougiewithvikaYeah!
  • gabylove93Yes i support
  • adsc95Idola @fergie
  • aaronthesoldierThank you so much
  • poison_ivy129No I dont god made us adam and eve
  • cloudbepLoveee youuu <3 i am a peabody
  • xx_lavender_princess_xx@poison_ivy129 well so? Let the people do what they wanna do god loves them wheather they are gay or straight.
  • poison_ivy129@dominantmonochrome my opinion get over yourself. I didnt say I hate gay people
  • poison_ivy129Im saying what I think is right.
  • legendaryempowermentThank u
  • 90skid@poison_ivy129 yeah god made us Adam and Eve yet your ppl were sold and enslaved for years..... Equality is for everyone not just for the gay community
  • poison_ivy129@90skid thete your people too. End day like I said I have my opinion n you have your so get over it.
  • 90skid@poison_ivy129 so did I get over it
  • poison_ivy129@90skid u s clown ur the who can't mind ur biz . I been over look how long ago I had made that comment. Thanks for sharing you feel type of way. Boy bye
  • 90skid@poison_ivy129 someone needs to learn how to spell and stop hatting on IG 😂😂😂😂😂
  • xx_lavender_princess_xx@poison_ivy129 "my opinion get over yourself"? Don't be a faggot
  • poison_ivy129@90skid so I had a few bad typo you right and at the end of the day I don't hate gays I have a brother and friends who are gay like I say to them I don’t agree with that type of life but we cool I hang with them n I love them. Who knew one sentence would cause so much drama and @lesmau5 look Lil blonde bimbo I never used such words faggot really . All I said was its my opinion and yes everyone have one or this world would be boring . Smh you need to keep it moving just for the fact your calling me a faggot cause of one opinion which wasn't even that bad and your supposed to be standing up for the gays and using such word wow!I think in that Lil blonde brain of yours is just full of air lol no really I can hear a pen drop in that shallow brain of yours ;) kisses n bye bimbo!
  • poison_ivy129To add you u both I do believe that guys are equal to us. They have same blood breath the same dam air and do the same shit we do like drive cars. Fuck what I don't agree with a man doing another man and same for the women . Like how can 2 man have babies unless they adopt one right there u go this doesn't mean I hate gays I'm just trying to understand them and treat them how I like to be treated. Just like if my son tells me he's gay I'll be like I don't agree with you but it's your life and we will keep it moving cause he's my son and I gotta love him for who he is.
  • vittwrTa
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