Live & let live. #MarriageEquality
  • itsashbenzoLive & let live. #MarriageEquality

  • ms.xx94Well did Jesus write the bible? @heysaraxoxo
  • ms.xx94Is there proof of that stuff? @heysaraxoxo
  • heysaraxoxoNo but he gave the actual writers the wisdom to write that down. Those are his words. He's not the writer but he is the author. Big difference @sup3r10r
  • heysaraxoxoLook up the story of sodom and Gomorrah. That whole town was committing that specific sin and he burned it down and condemned the people @sup3r10r
  • ms.xx94That doesn't mean Jesus actually said that. Jesus said love your neighbor. If your neighbor is gay do you hate him? No you still have to love them as Jesus said to. @heysaraxoxo
  • heysaraxoxoLove the person not the sin @sup3r10r
  • ms.xx94@heysaraxoxo they can't just not love someone. It's not a sin, Jesus never said it was a sin to be gay. Their not going to go to hell if they love someone
  • heysaraxoxoGod made Adam and Eve because he intended for man to be with woman. He clearly said in the bible that any man who lies with another man or any woman who lies with another woman will be condemned. Jeez it's not that hard to understand. You don't have to support my point just respect it @sup3r10r
  • ms.xx94Well I don't. Jesus never said that, the bible did. Have you ever really thought about this? How hard it must be to try to love someone, but you can't because your scared? If you can't see this you don't have feelings toward others and you can't relate to others the way they see things. You must be selfish because even some horrible people can see this and then your worse then them. @heysaraxoxo
  • heysaraxoxoThe bible is Jesus words. And that's the last thing I'm gunna say about it. Think what you want about me. I couldn't care less because all I care about is how I'm seen in the eyes of god. Peace out ✌️ @sup3r10r
  • ms.xx94Ok what ever @heysaraxoxo you might want to work on how he sees you because he probably looks at you how you are. An idiot.
  • heysaraxoxoIf he sees me as an idiot I can only wonder what he sees u as😂😂 @sup3r10r
  • ms.xx94Proper. @heysaraxoxo
  • ahsamlam@x3blondiex3 Nice!!!! LGBT💙💙💙
  • svmmer__vibesShut up about the bible because honestly no one gives a damn. Full of bullshit
  • vivianainomugisha*a lot of people care including me. And I have never and will never support LGBTQ because that is not how God intended @starry_nightxo
  • svmmer__vibesomfg 😂 ^
  • skylar_wynnI dont support this either it an abomination in Gods eyes. It just not right.
  • ash_.reesGod loves everyone, but he has said marriage is between a man and a woman so ghat is what I support. I think it's wdong to bully people who are gay and lesbians, and I am nice go them, but I don't agree with the practixe
  • blairedlikeawaldorf:)
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