BREAKING NEWS! #ABCFamily announces #Ravenswood, a #PrettyLittleLiars spin-off series premiering in October.
  • freeformBREAKING NEWS! #ABCFamily announces #Ravenswood, a #PrettyLittleLiars spin-off series premiering in October.

  • jen.carlson@scarlett28
  • payton.waters@erinmckenzie28
  • scarlett28@jenjen1312
  • princesss.bry@tiny_shortstuff yasss!
  • _arraidOmg @bryannaxo_ And @ghettounicorns_
  • _arraidBut I think this's a boy cause look at.the pic
  • wiggles1997Omg this bot in the pic looks like it could be a younger version on Toby!!
  • moagraffElla is leaving With Zach!!
  • lexie_hansonSTOP!!!! DONT YOU DARE IF YOUR JUST GOING TO CANCEL IT LIKE YOU CANCELED BUN HEADS AND THE LYING GAME!!! I swear you cancel more shows than you continue to play!!!!
  • tiag113@abcfamily Please stop creating wannabe pretty little liars shows. Nothing will get as popular as PLL. Bring back Jane by Design #janebydesign and other highly requested shows (lying game&bunheads) and stop trying to create new ones like the Vineyard . 😖 WE NEED CLOSURE! #savejbd #janebydesign #janebydesignseason2 #wheresjane #janeandbilly #thelyinggame #renewshowsabcf #abcfbcfboycott 😪 I miss the good and cheesy shows
  • anna_krummenSTOP MAKING NEW SHOWS AND CANCELING THEM! THAT IS JUST WRONG! @abcfamily #bringbackthelyinggame #savethelyinggame bring back the lying game!
  • hollydanyale@karenradd
  • emilly177How could of you cancelled the lying game like really you should cancelled like twisted nobody watches that, everyone love the lying game, and I beg you to bring back, cancelled twisted or the the fosters, nobody watches that. And how could you do that, the lying game has so many fans, more than twisted and the fosters. Bring back the lying game everyone loves that show, and if you don't believe me that go on @achando Instagram and you will see so many fans all sad cause you guys cancelled the lying game like really in honestly hate you guys. But really if you bring the lying game back, then everyone's happy. Please please please please please please please please please bring back back back back The Lying Game. PLEASE.! Make the fans happy again. 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
  • emilly177@abcfamily
  • traceymarie60Bring back the lying game. The fosters seriously so dumb!
  • tayrimariaI love all the new shows
  • camirenee17i love twisted fyi and the lying game is so dumb like season one was great then season two was a flop. they are a company that needs to be always evolving, changing, creating things, and canceling others that aren't working as well. DONT HATE ON ABC FAMILY BECAUSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DO THE THINGS THEY DO.
  • eddiemelfi3gotta watch these episodes, im a pll fan and caleb being in this is awsome!!!!!
  • tac_is_the_nameThere's a book series I believe. Is it anything like the TV series?
  • lexienayplease dont cancel pll or ravenswood
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