This is me. That is you. Don't let others change you. Tell them to just deal with it.
  • elessajadeThis is me. That is you. Don't let others change you. Tell them to just deal with it.

  • 71_scorpioIt's ok. People always find fault in other without looking at themselves.
  • vanessajhaimeSome people are stupid...
  • amourgogoI like you for you!
  • inyleveyou can't make everyone happy. People forget that it's YOUR account, you can post anything that you want, anything you feel like @ any given time, if they don't like it.. On to next one
  • ivylivelyDont worry about ignorant people :) we love you for you
  • vanillanitaIt's easy for people to judge you from behind their computer. It's sad really. Luckily there are a lot of other people who support you and like you just the way you are.
  • nanabeamsThat's silly. People will find any little detail to nit pick at, constructive or not (usually not). *insert condescending wonka meme* so show me how different your make up is everyday. :)
  • kiikasgTheres alot more people that like what u do soo thats all it matter @elessajade 😃💁
  • azv5You're awesome just a you said, deal with it, bitches!
  • ginagina909And even if you did who cares and people dont realize how much work goes into a video
  • denisego86tell them to shove it!! your great elessa!!
  • dc_serenity@elessajade well said! You do you Girly!!
  • ella_sirena@elessajade they obviously don't know how much effort goes into making videos and time... They are just mad cuz you are fabulous!
  • cutiehotmomYeah! Bcoz she's being real not like other gurus that dress to kill just to vlog duh?
  • cutiehotmom@elessajade ignore them!
  • hi_kharyne👍 #preach @elessajade
  • estherk1027@elessajade why do people even care if you made 3 videos same day? It's wasting time to even get annoyed about it. Love all your videos!! <333
  • elessajade@estherk1027 aww 😀it's more about reminding others to be yourself. The trolls do suck though lol . Hugs
  • liznguyenluuI'm confused, what is alwayz? What are they mad about??
  • _lil_bunny_Yea girl well said 👏 they just jealous cause you have lot of things to do and so busy doing things but still you always give your effort to film a vid. And I love you cause you always makes me smile watching your vid your smile is so genuine coming from inside. You're just so awesome. Go girl 👯🎀🍀💗
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