Editing! Stay tuned for my new video today! Beauty Survival Guide!! 😘
  • michellephanEditing! Stay tuned for my new video today! Beauty Survival Guide!! 😘

  • pennynpennynCan you Instagram where to buy this scarf please!!! @michellefawn
  • gjsnowflakeAuggh! Of course another scarf video when I font have a scarf. You should do a scarf giveaway
  • iitu00Omg omg omg omg i love that makeup i can't wait to see that video.
  • lourdesethanelleWhat app do u use for editing?
  • em_hekeAww i love that scarf so much!!!
  • helena.z8I love the bright colours on your scarf
  • s.saccharineLove this tutorial! ♥
  • tomboyish_ballerinaBest tutorial eva
  • smellie_todd@paulaperestrelo I have got the scarf now and it is from Theodora and Callum there is a picture on my account! x
  • virginielaurencyThat mascara ;)
  • _racquelmarie_Hey @michellefawn i was wondering i watch ur vids ALOT;) and inwas wondering where did u get tht traveling lash curler and also where did u get that mascara from?!? They seem to work great 4 u and my dumpy lash curler abd falsies mascara isnt giving me the effect that they used too!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! 😣
  • add_a_line0406Where did u get the scarf? So cute!! ^.^
  • queenofliliesWer'd you get that eyelash curler from ? @michellefawn
  • shandyahmadwBest makeup tutorial ever @emutkiut
  • lilyl1@heyimlily Lancôme :)
  • queenofliliesOhhhh so Lancôme sells that eye lash curler is that what your saying ??? :) @heylilyhey
  • lilyl1@heyimlily yeah! If you watch her YouTube videos you can see it:) are you Asian? Or part Asian? Shiseido and Shu Uemora eyelash curlers work really well for Asian eyes! But if you're not, by all means try Lancôme.
  • queenofliliesOhhhh thanks that was really helpful and not Asian at all and is Shisdeido a makeup brand as well or ...??? And but I do have Asian type of eyes though so yeah @heylilyhey
  • lilyl1@heyimlily Shiseido is an Asian brand and their eyelash curlers work really well! I have one and it's perfect for my eyes:) I've never tried Shu Uemora, but I heard it's really good!
  • stellagrram@michellefawn Thank you for making this video. The tip about using waterproof mascara will be really useful! Now I can go swimming without worrying about panda eyes. 😄
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