Shit is real out here... Real COLD at least!!! When there's ice on the INSIDE of the tour know you're in Canada! #phuckyospringbreak
  • badgalririShit is real out here... Real COLD at least!!! When there's ice on the INSIDE of the tour know you're in Canada! #phuckyospringbreak

  • kittykatamajim canadian :))))
  • norwegian_girl_gangeeIn my rom my whole windoe is ice. In norway
  • thatgirl.shellyannCunt hole 😮
  • xxcharll@badgalriri dont you mean "cocaine" inside the tour bus? Drugged up slut :)
  • jaayvalovShut the fuck up @charly_murs and @machinegunkeema, you hate her cuz you ain't her! I LOVE YOU @badgalriri !!!!!
  • xxcharll@summerboy2121 and why the hell would I love a druggie? She got little kids calling her an idol n she post stuff on twitter about her smoking shit? Tbh I thought the beating she got off chris would have sorted her out but guess not :)
  • xxcharll@truedestination I got an awesome life thank you, I wouldnt change any of it. Nobody likes my comment just becausw it rihanna, shes a druggie dont know why people keep buying her stuff. The money you give her she is spending on drugs and if she overdoses one dag your all going to cry but guess what? It will be all her fans fault for giving her the money to spend on the drugs :) hope your having fun helping someone destroy their life!
  • xxcharll@truedestination yeah keep telling yourself she only does weed, it all leads to harder drugs in the end. I know you cant overdose on weed a few of my ex-friends do the stuff. If shes on tv I dont watch it the only things I know about her is from my friends who are hardcore fans of hers. Nah its okay I wont stop and yes I will have a good day because the sun is shining, bbq on, got my music blasting. Yep its a very good day thanks :)
  • xxcharll@truedestination because I love being a bitch :) so the chances of me dying from smoking is higher than dying on an overdose from coke that rihanna does? Hmm... yeah okay. I was done with you ages ago but you kept replying haha. And like I said in my last comment I am having a GOOD DAY!
  • nacolleksmU hoes iz crazy
  • shaniab02#winniepeg#mb❓
  • e.v.a.dolceOr in Russia
  • ariellemathisenYup very true!
  • fingerstylegenerationCan i publicate this picture in my account @badgalriri ?
  • honeyychilaxYup u know this when are you coming back? @badgalriri i would loooove to see you
  • skittle_bugsRiri, u came to ottawa and i missed u:/ itd be awesome if u came back? Do u know when? And guess what, we share birthdays:)) excited to see u oneday, :)
  • skittle_bugs@badgalriri
  • iliona___<3
  • skittle_bugsI know but i didnt move to ottawa yet so i missed her ! I was like so mad at my mom . @kingslxy but whatever lol I'm not in ottawa anymore like really -.-' had to move. AGAIN.
  • karinastuckertLove you
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