Started from the bottom now we here
  • floydmayweatherStarted from the bottom now we here

  • damienmurillo@rj_two @benn_johnson
  • surreal_art_studioRespect for your hard work. Enjoy:)
  • ericbethancourt@fernandojvier
  • sicilianu_75@floydmayweather do you donate any money to sick children's?
  • santi_servinPasa un poco de esos verdes negro 😉
  • santiago.1998@delrio__018 something light
  • freeze21111God Is Good.
  • cheese100kBoY wHaT tHe fUcK
  • cheese100kWiTh yOu'R 7 dOlLaRs
  • kazarsdreamsoap_officialThey gave out rations to EVERYONE During the war. @floydmayweather self absorbed jerk
  • goodie_ma_I'm still there lol got $30 of ebt left on that blue card to last til the 15th lmao!please send me a couple stacks Mr. Mayweather! I'm trying to change my economic status single mom of three sons I refuse to let the streets eat up my seeds I work two days a week so M-F I'm present making sure my lil dudes right, Sat/Sun I work part time with the help of my parents and siblings as my rotating sitters I trust Noone other than my fam with mine it's hella hard but it's the sacrifice I make for my sanity to know they ok cause I'm on watch every day lol they have mentoring, bible study, football, robotics, and enrichment classes all after school daily just wanted to ask for help my 95 Chevy wagon is just hitting 130k miles and is hesitating to start omg! I drive my oldest daily for he has no bus service and his school just moved and doubled our commute lol but I love the tradeoff of a quality college prep education so I drive eagerly knowing he won't face qbullying, gangs, or be teased because he is studying hard and wants to be a paleontologist. I'm just hoping you may read my post an bless my family anyway small or tall just hoping to have a way to be comfortable in life and not have tell my sons I have to save up just for a toy they may want outside of a bday or holiday lol I wasn't always in this position in life but I been broke but not broken is my motto... thanks either way for showing people that if you belive in yourself and follow your dreams anything is possible in life. I take a couple college courses every year or so bit by bit I am completing my education so I can be a better example and provide for them also. I just believe if you want something done right you do it yourself their father has been previously residing with us all their lives but he chose not to be the positive male role model they needed after a while so he left and hasn't looked or called back. It hurts but I rather endure a bit of heartache today than a lifetime of it and have my sons follow such a narrow path of his. Thanks for being a successful business and sportsman giving our young men more positive images to aspire to be ;)
  • twondale76@floydmayweather. Bitch. Break 🍞
  • iamdarealkayjayI remember them days shit they got plastic now.
  • _ree22cI feel u bro
  • charlababezYess
  • wedmboyzOmfg!!! U see this !!! God dam I have not seen a food stamp in a minute!!!
  • stephanoo_o@jonasanli
  • mslibracoutureMI ❤
  • author_casperhill@selfmademel
  • 3d5starqBoss
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