These need cleaned πŸ™
  • wizkhalifaThese need cleaned πŸ™

  • theeder15Illadelph
  • 24_7_365_Homage
  • enixthagodSalt and alcohol, shake it up, good as new @mistercap
  • enixthagodYea, sea salt is the best, but table salt'll do, rubbing alcohol, and just shake until clean. That's how I clean my bowls 😁✈ @fili_g
  • enixthagodNo doubt money, just take a toke for me and we'll call it even 😁 @fili_g
  • zachnunu_30You have your own brand ?
  • shawnsvengeanceI use 4/20 rubbing alcohol will weaken the glass..may causing the stem detaching from the base
  • alyanasmommaSalt n alcohol will work too its the same as 420 works mint whichever way
  • alyanasmommaStay hella high :)
  • truselfdevGive me free rent and ill clean those after every hit @mistercap
  • chuyy_verduras#7 get higher cavin fever 2 stay ripping it when it comes out haha
  • bearj3wyeah you needa give your glass some love... throw some hot alcohol in that bitch.... no salt... gotta keep the glass fresh and scratchless πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
  • yeehaw561That illadelph is sick
  • frosty_the_budmanFirst use 420cleaner then grunge off. your glass will look like new bro.
  • mjhogan710Team illy
  • jasminebshannonCan you please tell the wifey her account is baked:// just Have her change her password then she good!:) happy Father's Day!
  • jesssicaannexoIlly and wiz bongs , i dont think we cN top that;)
  • _mostdope420_When You Get better 1's You should send me the Illadelph.πŸƒπŸ‘πŸ”₯ @mistercap
  • coltgtaylorI will gladly be your glass cleaning butler. I will work for free! #grungeoffnigga
  • coltgtaylor@mistercap
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