Possibilities. #gvsu #grand rapids #city
  • derokkrsPossibilities. #gvsu #grand rapids #city

  • trueemmaGang signs out the window yeah bish, hopin all of em offend you yeah bish. They say your hood is a pot of gold, an we gon crash it when nobodys home. Everybody gonna respect the shooter, but the one In front of the gun lives forever. visit @IssDreamy For More gals To Following u
  • derokkrsYay, I love it when gangs comment on my photos.
  • ohshelbsLol it's lyrics to a song by Kendrick Lamar.
  • derokkrs@ohshelbs yah but I don't know these people. Who are they and why they be commenting?
  • fieldandcrew@derokkrs Great photo! :P
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