#TMLtalk photo: On the ice for warmup in Boston wearing the third jersey
  • mapleleafs#TMLtalk photo: On the ice for warmup in Boston wearing the third jersey

  • mikec8913@lucky_traxx. Yup a "none educated father" you fuckin moron
  • mr_lucky_tLol u feel good cuz u corrected me ? @mikec8913
  • mikec8913@lucky_traxx yeah I love putting retards in their place
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 like i sed, ur just a little bitch with a miserable life. Kill yourself ;)
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 Mike, if i clean it... Would u suck it?
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 where the fuck did u go man. We just started having fun!
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 dont pussy out now professor. Cmon man, did i hurt ur feelings? Im sorry.. If i did.. Next time maybe u will shut ur ugly face when someone talks shit about ur garbage hockey team instead of trying to be Mr Savior lol bitches get bitch slapped and ur just a little bitch. So take ur 3 out of 4 points and suck my dick till i cum in ur mouth.
  • mikec8913@lucky_traxx "if I clean it would you suck it" is that the line you use on your shit wife?? You're a fuckin loser bud. Just an embarrassmet
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 perfect... Now that i got ur attention.. Does Eramosa rd sound familiar...
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 you see mr Correale, sometimes its better to stay silent. But you, you my friend are a thrill seeker.. Well, im a thrill seeker myself.. I cant wait to meet you. We will bond instantly.
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 dont go silent now "bud" Its already to late. Im comming.
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 lol look at u now, scared like a little pussy...
  • mr_lucky_t@mikec8913 maybe you forgot about me by now, but i did not. I will come and nock on your door soon. I know exactly where you live Michael correale. You will fucking regret every word you sed. Its a promise. I am your worst nightmare and i will be your families worst nightmare. You made it personal. Now im gonna make it personal. By the time i decide to stop, you will apologize 100 times.
  • mikec8913@lucky_traxx. Ok
  • jacobe_is_the_bestWho won the Bruins forever
  • david.buggea18The bruins suck toronto rocks
  • noah_peeWell the bruins and the leafs go at it in the playoffs so lets see who the better team is ! @_katelyn27 @joe35348 @lucky_traxx
  • _katelyn27True... But ill still lovee the bruins forever
  • longfortheflowersSee you latwr Bruins! !!
  • david.buggea18Iam sorry I got to admit they beat them
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