Are you ready for part 1 tonight!? #RHOBH #Reunion
  • bravoandyAre you ready for part 1 tonight!? #RHOBH #Reunion

  • kyle__michaelBrandi simply states facts, albeit for no reason. She says the truth about things but for no particular other reason than to be honest. I do think she knows she's stirring the pot but I'd rather respect a person for being honest than for trying to falsely portray the truth. I LOVE BRANDY I just think she needs to not comment on the things she may be privy to, but that don't involve her. @bravoandy
  • kyle__michaellove u @brandiglanville
  • sweet.teee_But really...what is Kim wearing?
  • marinelove78👍
  • losangelesyuppieI love seeing them around town! Bad bitches. @bravoandy
  • chrisjcoffinDude. WHAT DO THE RICHARDS HAVE ON YOU? You're so easy on them, and they're absolutely the worst people on the network.
  • saphiazamanAlready watched this epeisode
  • spicedsaucy@alivy27 Yolanda mentions in one episode that her and Mohammed couldn't work out because he wasn't loyal but that she still loves him as a friend. 😉
  • chippedpolish@spicedsaucy hmmmmm yeah . I wonder if it's true about the Krupa rumors.
  • the RHOBH!
  • pemdoll87Team Yolanda Lisa n Brandi. Luv luv them. Kim n Kyle r bullies. Remember hw they bullied Brandi in season 2. Fake to the core. And about Faye resnick she is rightfully titled morally corrupt. Can't stand her at all. I luv Camille in season 1 gimme sum of dat Camille.
  • samione.s, LOVE LisaV & BrandiG & Yolanda ❤ but Kyle & Kim are old and wrinkled bullies ! kyle's little mouthpiece Faye is a mean old irrelevant bitch & Camille is a liar with those big ass eyes
  • arthurhofmanofficialLove what you said, @pemdoll87, finally some sense: I've always felt the same way...
  • therealhousewifeofpcbAbsolutely love this!!
  • taayylluuhKyle is my fav out of all of rhobh
  • x_pammy_xxWe haven't seen this one either? @margeykay26
  • margeykay26@pammy_x who's the new chick on the left?
  • flowermae88@margeykay26 its @yolandahfoster
  • alanhildsame @Shan dunwoodyx
  • benmcgalpineKim looks beautiful
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