Playing with Holi pigments for a post on Wednesday...
  • designspongePlaying with Holi pigments for a post on Wednesday...

  • lisawarningerOooohhhh!!!!
  • rentpatinaAmazing colors! Much needed on this dreary day
  • voneinspiredOoh, so vibrant
  • babasoukWow, would love to play with this! :)
  • marbleandmilkweedThis sounds like such fun!
  • maggieshanPrepare to look tie-dyed!!
  • nikicottonartistOooo divine!
  • approximately@hellopoe did an amazing portrait series with Holi powder!
  • brooklynhomecompanyLove the #texture in this photo
  • hellopoe@approximately Thank you! @designsponge If you're interested you can see them on
  • urbanvitiWhy do westerners like to take things from religions, indigenous and traditional cultures and make it trendy. Stop basterdizing something scared as holi!
  • designspongeI don't consider this a 'trend' and definitely not a bastardization, but rather a celebration of one aspect of a religious festival. We have done the same thing with Easter, Passover, Chinese New Year and other religious holidays. If you have a problem with us celebrating any religious holidays, then I understand and of course don't expect you to read the site or these posts.
  • designspongeOne thought I just had- I've really always felt strongly about sharing (and sharing in) traditions of other cultures. In the same way that I would welcome a 'non-Christian' reader to decorate Easter eggs, I've felt so welcomed (and educated) by friends of other faiths and cultures when they welcome me into their homes for celebrations. In the US especially, there are so many different religions and cultures mixed together that I think it's nice to share information about each other's festivals, holidays and traditions, especially if it gives people a chance to appreciate and learn about something outside of their own traditions.
  • jamieleighmoore@designsponge 👏🙌💃
  • rohiniwahi@designsponge I heartily agree Grace, this is what makes us ONE world. It makes me proud to see my culture celebrated and appreciated as i appreciate others. Looking forward to the post x
  • abrs_Speaking as a first gen Indian America, I think it's cool that Holi is included by @designsponge ( aka "westerners" ;)). Appreciation & understanding pave the way to friendship. After all that is what we celebrate during Holi :) Looking forward to your post on Wednesday!
  • designspongeThanks guys- I think sharing each others' traditions and being inspired them is just part of being a member of a creative community. It would be such a closed and limited world if people were only allowed to be inspired by their own culture's traditions. I really feel so fortunate that my friends from different religions and cultures have made me feel welcome at their events and hope I can always do the same for them.
  • ariana__michelleIf you don't mind sharing, where did you get it? It seems like Amazon might be the best bet but I have been reading about the iffy regulation & how you could basically get toxic stuff 
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