Just did an intense workout with my boo at Barry's Boot Camp! @jennijwowwmtv
  • snookiJust did an intense workout with my boo at Barry's Boot Camp! @jennijwowwmtv

  • clumeincan't wait going there next week!
  • lani.cLOL UR ON UR TOES hahha still love u girl
  • paigeann15Omg I love it my biggest wish is to meet u to I wanna have a crazy fun life just like u guys an u guys taught some good moves to do in the dance clubs (: @snookinic
  • dina_hernandezHahaha! You're on your tipi-toes!
  • _nerriiiOww and jwoww
  • chris_evans_forever1289LUV BOTH OF U
  • jd.bjas@shawtylexie
  • frontpagegabe@snookinic how does it feel to be labeled such a bad mother i mean you only worry about yourself from your line of products to getting plastic surgery to going out EVERY night to making out with girls, when your son gets older hes gonna get bullied for YOUR actions your such a disgrace as a "Mother." @snookinic
  • peytonleiigghh@officialgabe Leave.
  • peytonleiigghh@officialgabe Get out. You have no room to say whether she is a good or bad mother. She's young. Let her have fun.
  • peytonleiigghhAs a matter of fact- She partied before she was pregnant. She had fun. She was herself. Leave her alone. When she was pregnant, she was careful about how much she drank. She controlled herself. She did what she needed to do and her son turned out perfectly, and what a beautiful little boy he is. Now, she spends all of her time with him. Every waking second she's thinking about her baby boy. Get out of her life, it's not your business. She's a perfect mother.
  • rockchick81ukWell said broken promises 👏
  • melinda_carpio@snookinic what is your secret to weightloss
  • madison_melville15@ataliagurrola @paige_west0n
  • yuyiifra@mscz389 have the money to go to a gym and pay a good instructor and also have the money to go to eat to fancy restaurants and order salmon and salads and drink smart water etc etc! Well have the money that's the secret!
  • chelsappiahOmg niw snooki is skinner than the rest if her roomates and doesnt have to feel insecure any more so happy for her
  • a_almulla10Nice chest
  • avagotswaggood job
  • _drea_09Mizz u girls on jersey shore
  • jassymedina9@jenn_lopez738
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