I'm grateful for this sista as well as Chief Keef. Lets keep pushing forward, reaching our brothas in patience, truth, and vision. 
Send a photo of YOUR anger to Chicago's violence at 500campaign@gmail.com today!
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  • 500campaignI'm grateful for this sista as well as Chief Keef. Lets keep pushing forward, reaching our brothas in patience, truth, and vision.
    Send a photo of YOUR anger to Chicago's violence at 500campaign@gmail.com today!
    @Iamjhud @lupefiasco @theofficialkanyewest @common @jeremih @andersoncooper @andersoncooper360 @robojojo @bellwak @chicagotribune @iamsteveharveytv @huffingtonpost @coreybbrooks @pastorhannah @michaelpfleger #chiefkeef

  • thesocialmediacuratorThis picture makes me sad... Why post when you know what a horrible impact that this young man his crew and the gang he reps make on the city #NOBANGBANG
  • thesocialmediacurator@500campaign I now read your last post and I agree my hope is that the young man is actually knows about the what the campaign stands for and is actually do something to benefit the city... Here is to hope and never giving up
  • drjimallen#chiefkeef is an Apostle of murder and drugs! He has no plans on changing his message! The guy is a known #BlackDisciple that has turnt his old neighborhood into terror town! Cheif Keef hope is in youngsters and gangsters buying his sermons of DRUGS, SEX, and MURDER! Name one Cheif Keef song that doesn't mention MURDER, DEATH and DRUGS?! You can't! Stop fooling yourself! This pic is a JOKE! #BangBang
  • drjimallenStill waiting....what sermón has #chiefkeef preached that doesn't promote MURDER, DRUGS, and SEX?! This guy is NOT about peace not is he about Stop The Violence! To the contrary he is about #BangBang he's the one WHO gave us the title #Chiraq he bout that #Molly life and that murder/gang banging life!
  • philsoill@bari100384 and @jimallenlive , read the message on the picture before this one. It's not his image or who he is, this picture represents the change we want to see in Chicago. The @500campaign is reaching out to people like him. Every person that submitted a pic isn't a perfect saint, we've all done something, now people want to see change! The person that sent the picture wants to see change in Chief Keef, and everybody has room to grow individually. See the positives and not the negatives!
  • drjimallenHow do you really know the young Lady seated best to #ChiefKeef emailed this pic? Since you love #Sosa so much ask him to make a #StopTheViolence track, you and I know he's NOT going to do that because he supports violence! I raise awareness about gang violence prevention just about everyday vía my blog, marching and protesting. C'mon now, give me a break. The day Cheif Keef opens his mouth and REPENT of his messages of MURDER and DRUGS is the day I might believe in his redemption, until then he's a lyrical murderer and "Apostle of Death!"
  • mswheaten@avgarde I def. Support ur decision to put this up here its a reminder of who we need to pray for...not just the victims but those that partake in these activities. ...he's still young he hasn't even made 18 yet I know I am not the person I was at his age...prayer changes things! We need to come together and pray for growth and maturity...there's no telling where he will be in 5-10 yrs he could be one to turn around and speak to the youth and say "I was once in your shoes. ..." keep it up...u wouldn't be doing something if they weren't talking about u good... or bad
  • thesocialmediacuratorI understand the perspective my true my initial reaction was shock but I u detests d the hope... I no longer live in chicago I now live in Baltimore and It schools me to hear my students shouting out the bd's and o block claiming 300 they have no idea what they are shouting and telling but the message of violence andp gang banging is wide spread and there is no denying that there is some responsibility of the industry and radio stations by promoting it but I am clear that when I followed this page it is because the violence sickens me and the positivity that was being promoted was powerful
  • dizzydom2Chief keef is the worst rapper I ever heard in my life
  • dizzydom2Old school and underground rap is about trying to make peace and had a story and meaning to it. The shitty rappers everybody in ymcmb maybach two chains chief keef etc.. just talk about how rich they are doing drugs and guns meanwhile there all fake and.are making this generation terrible putting this trash into there heads
  • omgdregChief Keef just a young nigga tryna eat. Feed that nigga or shut up and let him feed hisself. #300
  • odamaya#sosa
  • raah_cappin@dizzydom2 chief keef ain't nowhere close to fake dude and plus rap has EVOLED
  • dizzydom2@youngmel_tgod_99 you clearly don't know good rap chief keef two chains maybach ymcmb they all suck there lyrics make no senseb they say random shit to a beat.
  • raah_cappin@dizzydom2 chief keef talks about stuff he lives everyday and if u listen 2 there verse u might know wat they talkin bout
  • queen76dLet's not make the purpose of this movement sour. I'm no fan of cheef keef but this is something positive. Let's just support the movement good people
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