We've got some onlookers from across the street during our "closed" training session! #USAvMEX
  • ussoccerWe've got some onlookers from across the street during our "closed" training session! #USAvMEX

  • thebestvesty@ers10 No one cares dude
  • thebestvesty@ers10 Dude you're so gay
  • shaunterouseTypical!!!!
  • r_95moraAnd they say USA isn't good and they don't care they will defeat us east, so why they looking?
  • gabe.iniWhat's a Murica?
  • mcubb18Looks like Mexico is scared. Go USA!!!
  • barri_o_s@ers10 tacotaco burritoburrito
  • barri_o_s@ers10 tacotaco burritoburrito
  • tacocrimesthese comments make me hate everyone.
  • tacocrimesthese comments make me hate everyone.
  • _.b33tleb33t._Mexico !!!!
  • jimihendrixg@robgee92 "since the year 200, the US has beaten Mexico 11 times, lost 5, and drawn 3 times......." Quiet time...shhhhhh. #Bigbadusa
  • jimihendrixg@ers10 shhhhhhh ^^
  • gamboa_officialBeing a Mexican American I cheer for both countries. I have US jerseys and Mexico jerseys. When they play each other, I wear the red, white and blue proudly. I believe this is how it should be, maintain your culture but when it comes to which country you should support, support the country in which you live and are educated. Unfortunately some people get out of hand, but these few do not represent the whole. So don't let them skew your perception of an entire people. Points are vital for both countries to qualify, with that being said, go USA!
  • arthur1972Well said @gamboa_official
  • berevaldiviaJajaja Que gane el mejor
  • jb0ner@fuben_
  • pena_kev@ers10 the USMNT had 65% of our team there according to Jurgen and Mexico was 100% there.. And even then they couldn't win.. You guys are trash.. You're a fucking joke talking all this shit when you're obviously weird as fuck when your following like 202 people and 6 follow you back.. No one likes you haha and no one likes that dirty country.. Bow down to us
  • jimihendrixg@gamboa_official well fkn said brooo!!
  • alexxxthed@elmercue didn't work :/
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