Charlston !
  • teddysphotosCharlston !

  • urbanirwinStill can't believe I was there (:
  • madisynthIm still Just dying that my face is front row in one of Ed's photos. Help
  • paytonmoonThis was the best day of my life can't believe I touched you.
  • katenapper_@madisynth which one are you? Lol
  • ileftinstaaaUmmm... @paytonmoon
  • kypherneliaSeeing you at that gig was the best day of my life so far... I love you Ed. I see myself in this. C:
  • kyphernelia@retsaf There actually were a lot of guys there, you just can't really see them in this photo.
  • mpthunder95zthis is such a great photo!!!
  • m.y.d💖
  • olivia_cowardCharleston!♥
  • swiftsushiBest day ever
  • reeseterryyI was there! Best day ever!!!!
  • kypherneliaI miss this 😭😭😭 I see myself in this photo. I love you Ed and I'm so glad that i got to see you at a smaller venue ❤️
  • sroskill18I cried bc I didn't go and I live there...
  • danica.aiwynI live there. :) You should totally come back. Charleston is the All America City. And it has the most beautiful sights there is. :) @teddysphotos
  • katyabiotchHoly F$@CK I'm in this!!! I didn't know you took a photo! Summer jam fest was amazing with you! I agree with ^^ you have to come back here!
  • mgk464Didn't make the picture :( I'm more towards the right
  • dann._igI LOVE AND I LOVE YOU
  • mc54ell@teddysphotos hi we just booked our vip tickets to see u in July dose that include meeting u ! X
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