The gang!!!
  • fozzcookThe gang!!!

  • starsrainbowsOh yeah! Shake it three musketeers! 😘😘 you have a beautiful pack! ❤❤❤
  • myapplescruffsdoggie bums
  • karenmb54Such a great picture.....great shot💛💙💜
  • kimmie_wimmieAww, look at those cute bums walking confidently along what I imagine is a favourite trail! I love to see their tails all high and proud and just enjoying the morning exercise! Looks like it was another perfect day there! This is just such a beautiful pictures and makes me feel a real sense of calm!! Just so wonderful!!! 😘😘
  • julie12969'If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.' I don't remember who pinned it but I swear this beautiful picture spoke those words to me!! Great shot!😍 @fozzcook
  • teddy_juniorCute bums ☺
  • cider_pupThis is a really nice shot! Love the cute bums walking along so happily, tails held high. So great!
  • frollein_lotteCool!😍😘
  • laureenpentLook at these babies 😍
  • cookie_cuteLove that everyone take their jobs seriously!! Perfect shot! Nice triple butts! 🐶🐶🐶
  • goldenjaysLove all those #fluffybutts out for a walk. Great shot and looks like it was a beautiful day!
  • its_just_tSo cute!
  • ina_thedogGreat pack!
  • st_paddy_girlI just can't stop looking at all your wonderful photographs of your dogs and your countryside. So beautiful!
  • fozzcook@st_paddy_girl - Thanks so much!!! Yes, we are very lucky! Our morning walks are very pretty and our motley crew seem to love it! 😉
  • st_paddy_girlWhere are you?
  • fozzcook@st_paddy_girl - This was taken in Ojai California
  • st_paddy_girlIt looks so nice. I used to live on the west coast. I miss it. I've been on the east coast for a long long time now.
  • _emilylaportaLooks like a Homeward Bound moment going on here! Love!
  • sbeckeyGreat shot!!!
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