She likes it
  • diddyShe likes it

  • dollabill336N then it Ciroc
  • lady924@taylorbaby550 @hadelley comment was inappropriate and for what she further stated was and I quote "apparently niggas don't like that" further fuels the fire. It saddens me that some can not see the harm in that. The words stings no matter who uses it. I know now it is used as a term of endearment, however I personally do not allow my children or anyone in my presence to use the word. This discussion is an exemplification as to why I personally choose not to use that word
  • 678nipLil bitch
  • andrewolson27Wow..some of you are sociopaths.
  • raevenrenai@lady924 you articulate yourself very well, which is why you should excuse yourself from this conversation. Your too much of a smart Woman to even acknowledge some of these ignorant comments on this IG.:)
  • lady924@rrenai Your advice is noted and you are right. I will exclude myself from this conversation. I can not say ignorance because one in an ignorant state must encompass a sense of not knowing. Idiotic conversation best describes this conversation. 😉
  • raevenrenai@lady924 True!
  • valente05Yes it's the big eyes @mjade79
  • thecodefatherThis shit cray - yeezy voice
  • ggkikieCuteeee💗💗💗
  • anabela_fCute
  • exotic_kweenI never came across a man with so much drive and consistency,how u do it? Lol #sobossy#somanly
  • hull_girlwhy do ppl have to dy the N* word its horrible
  • mrs_diva_starrThis water taste like a nugga lol jk
  • inezpzWhat a beautiful lil baby lol @iamdiddy
  • sexxxyyyyybitttccchhhCan't find aqua hydrate at Dave's in RI:(
  • truthteller_85I'm still looking for aqua hydrate in Chicago
  • so_bless25Aawww
  • jojopj@yomaili. Chloe lol
  • rose__sanchez@__foreveryoung14 kinda reminds me of Aubrey
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