#Pens are on the ice for morning skate. They'll play the #Flyers tonight at 7:30
  • penguins#Pens are on the ice for morning skate. They'll play the #Flyers tonight at 7:30

  • hockeychic71I love how #Crosby haters still insist he sucks.. but IF he was on YOUR fav team, I bet you couldn't keep your pants off the ground. Look what happened w/ Jagr.. #Flyers fans used to boo him, whistle @ him & sing "Dude looks like a lady", but once he became a filthy Flyer?... Suckahs ran out & got his Jersey!! #bandwagon #getreal @bmggi @flaniganwalter @flip412 #LetsGoPens
  • bmggiLast response and then I'm gone. @flaniganwalter I agree crosby is the most talented player in the NHL but I just don't like everything that comes with it. Example of cheap shot slew foot on Ranger's Callahan about a month ago. Hey good luck today it should be a great game as always between these two clubs.
  • flaniganwalterYes.. I agree whole heartily. @hockeychic71
  • bmggi@hockeychic71 please read comments before replying. I agree he is most talented just don't like all the other bullshit he pulls. Check YouTube for what I'm talking about also listen to some player interviews about respecting his talent but not his game.
  • hockeychic71@bmggi I have read your ridiculous comments & accusations re: #crosby ... "he's a diver, a crybaby, and a cheap shot" right?.. you'll believe anything youtube tells you. But if he was traded to Chicago tonight, your sorry ass would be 1st in line buying #87 gear. #getalife #letsgopens
  • flaniganwalter@bmggi its always a great hockey game between these 2 teams.. with or without the shenanigans
  • stevedarby11@bmggi if youtube says he's a cry baby then his game shows he is the best player in the NHL
  • stevedarby11Maybe the world @bmggi
  • eburnzy@bmggi What an ass , it's funny how many Blackhawk fans there are since they won the cup 3 years ago and had such a lucky run at the beginning of this year. Are you gonna by a Getzlaf jersey win the Ducks win the west. F' off front runner !
  • geoffkilian@carlyannx0 possibly
  • geoffkilian@carlyannx0 it's okay he has no life or hockey knowledge. He actually thinks we care
  • carlyannx0Well I appreciate that thank you very much :) @geoffkilian
  • carlyannx0@geoffkilian I could care less about anyone who hates the penguins, just because we're the greatest we have tons of haters!
  • geoffkilian@carlyannx0 it's a daily battle. All we have to do is laugh at those people, real hockey fans respect excellence.
  • carlyannx0@geoffkilian I seriously battle with people EVERY single day, people tell me Crosby sucks and I'm like sorry who's leading in points? Sid..who's on an eleven game win streak? Penguins..like sorry your team sucks..
  • bmggi@eburnzy it's buy not by. Are all you pens fans retarded? I said crosby IS the most talented player!!!! He is also the leader in poor sportsmanship as well. My team sucks right? @carlyannx0. I am a Blackhawks fan I pretty sure our streak was more historic than yours that will end tonight.
  • carlyannx0I'm sorry how is he unsportsmanlike? I have yet to see him ever be unsportsmanlike. I understand you're a Blackhawks fan, I have nothing against them but the penguins are the first team in NHL history to have at least a ten game win streak in three straight seasons so enjoy @bmggi
  • carlyannx0@bmggi And I don't appreciate you using the word retarded, it's inconsiderate and incredibly rude.
  • geoffkilian@carlyannx0 hahaha I used to get so worked up when every someone bad mouthed them.. Now I just laugh at them. As far as 'Crosby sucks'; here's what I always say to that---> 'you don't like the guy? That's fine, you don't have to. But to say he sucks? You're an imbecile and a joke of a hockey fan'
  • carlyannx0@geoffkilian seriously amen to that, jealousy isn't a pretty aspect but they're jealous of the best hockey player in the world so I guess it's okay :)
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