I never met a tree I didn't like.
  • theellenshowI never met a tree I didn't like.

  • aprilsimpson_I wanna touch that tree now @theellenshow
  • truth1013😱😶😯😦😧😟😮😨
  • truth1013😱😱😱
  • airielafleurAwesome tree that's sweet Ellen!
  • meganannweezy🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊
  • maryamalsalfaWooow 😖
  • a_dreamm_What if u met a tree that had a million ants crawling all over it n u dint see as u lean againt it and then they r crawling all over ur hair n neck n ears...hmmm??
  • asstheticcsI used to live across the rode from there, I think
  • madisonrosepaulaHi ELLEN my name is madi I'm 9 years old I was wondering if I could be on you're shoe one day
  • madisonrosepaulaShow one day
  • marcopalmierigolfI wish I could climb that
  • cody_2601Hi ellen my name is cody and im12 and u r sooooooo funny and nice I watch your show everday u r soooooooooooooo awesome I was was wondering if I could ever like meet u I love u ellen!!!!!!!!
  • hannahsfaceHey Ellen my name is Hannah I love your show I wAtch it everyday I wish I could meet you
  • lillywndMe too I wish I could meet Ellen she is so awesome! Love her!
  • onecedarI'm named after a tree ...Cedar
  • alwaystaffyWhat happened to Portia?!!! Lol
  • atm_333Luv u
  • mhraa09I just wanna go to her show and see it
  • laxgirl__17Huge
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