These Mats Sundin auction items are at the ACC tonight #Leafs #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsThese Mats Sundin auction items are at the ACC tonight #Leafs #TMLtalk

  • mattbowler#legend
  • mraymer88I want the one on the right!
  • lenitrutenVilken fin bil
  • leonel_cabreraNice
  • niroshb13Yupp these kids dont know what they talking about, they tried to get Sundin to wave his no-trade clause to trade but he stayed to fight n battle for a spot with his team. In the end they still decided to part ways with the greatest leaf of all time #13
  • ceravachiWish there was a "DON'T LIKE" button. Could have been one of the greats but decided too screw the Leafs future. The fans. And Toronto.
  • guynamedquintin@ceravachi preach
  • ceravachi@quintindavis08 Word brother.
  • erikmakelaIm number 13 and thats beeeeeast
  • russweber8Haha k budd I'm 18 and ye i remember some of his good days but he's gone know and a trator so forget about it
  • leafshockeyfanOne of the best Leafs ever to play
  • scsenarHe was my favorite Leaf player!! He did a lot for Toronto and the NHL!! Nice to see him back in TO
  • niroshb13Your 18 but dont knw what a traitor is or even how its spelt smh leafs management turned their back on sundin not the other way i said get your facts straight before you dlete my comment again haha
  • donttfollowww.134Can you please give me shout out
  • georgekarlosIt's all about Kadri now
  • daloucNot only the greatest leaf ever, but one of the nicest,most humble professional athletes you'll ever meet.
  • josh.silverman1i want that
  • silverberg02I have a game used signed stick used by sundin
  • jackjwalshI have one too
  • hakansson24Best!
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