Behold: The #snofro.
  • ussoccerBehold: The #snofro.

  • enzobrunogThat game was a joke, not fair at all seems like the USA team was scare to play !!
  • twpreston21@brunofiorella how were they "scare" to play or should I say scared? They scored as finished the game. They played in the same conditions quit crying
  • enzobrunog@twpreston21 because in a fair scenario that match was supposed to be canceled the weather was really bad! But you know something FIFA is interested to have USA on Brazil2013 and they for sure are helping you guys!! Lets be honest the referee was supposed to make a decision, I think it was in Europe the same day half of the snow in that match and they cancelled but once again you have FIFA on your side!!
  • enzobrunog@twpreston21 Por cierto hablo 3 idiomas y usted? Por estar en mi celular se me paso una "d" no por no saber....
  • twpreston21Ok cancelled not cancelled both teams had an equal opportunity to win the game. Should have been 2-0 but no penalty was given for the awful tackle on Dempsey. USA would win regardless no one cares about CRC and their horrendous uniforms just awful 1990 called and wants them back.
  • twpreston21And you try and be smart and speak Spanish and I could care less about you speaking 3 languages and your 'D' not showing up when you typed it.
  • enzobrunog@twpreston21 you are pissed because you dont speak spanish, haha that shows how smart you are!!
  • mkarre@vuhnessuh
  • chrisnistico@brunofiorella you are the biggest fool I know, Costa Rica sucks they will lose nmw and both teams started the game 0-0 and both teams got snowed on just as much as the other it was a fair game and on top of it all the Costa Ricans were the ones who wanted to keep playing so badly.... u suck ass
  • dallas_deidre@realmichrod teehee sno fro
  • michrodFro-real!! @deidredaniel !!
  • jimmyschwartz43@brunofiorella Costa Rica sucks
  • twpreston21@brunofiorella that's why I told u what u said in Spanish into English. Ya Ur dumb. You're just mad that Costa Rica will be at home watching
  • supergloss@afrowq
  • bhutiwise@bradpsyche @satjitthomas #morganfreeman
  • m_prouty@hides22
  • sofie.cochranHaha was at this game go USA... The snow wasn't that bad
  • quoiacruzSnow fro
  • bradley904@rushnero20 haha WHAT. That snow made me cold just looking at it lol. But then again I've never seen snow hahaha #floridalife
  • ddpalace23I live in Texas so I think that that snow looked really bad @rushnero20
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