Underrated Internet subplot Miami's "Won 25" in the standings.
  • sptguy33Underrated Internet subplot Miami's "Won 25" in the standings.

  • stevieyoo416@sptguy33 is LBJ in your top ten yet?
  • porkfriedticeI saw won 24 today and was like woah it's crazier every time I see it
  • 71cleeeQuit inatagramming and give us a mailbag
  • danfiermanDude just gave you eight hours of live mailbag!
  • johnnygatorI'm just glad Philly eats a bag of d***s. If the Cs lose out to those clowns with 15 to go it's gonna be real bad in Beantown.
  • starmanjrI don't get it... Is this sarcasm?
  • sbd921So sick of Lebron and Miami #boston
  • kevinlhoelscherBill must be high
  • rynelson13I love how Boston is highlighted in the standings. Like you ever need to know where they are haha.
  • therealducktoad#LowT
  • marctylerromeroUhh, guessing he is talking about Boston in 7th, meaning opposite side of Miami, which is where every East team wants to be
  • petey_p3Taking a picture of your computer screen and posting on Instagram is what happens when ESPN suspends you from Twitter for rightly criticizing their worst show on TV.
  • evoluti_onIt won't be relevant until they've won 32. They've clinched 2nd best. Heat to break record +190 anyone?
  • evoluti_onIs Simmons personalized retargeting marketing a true algorithm?
  • cire_darnocMore *half baked idea podcasts!
  • rhenrywI love that the ads targeting you are for "Low T" Priceless.
  • kevin_v_bk
  • sipsippingtonThe add is spot on for a guy your age
  • sipsippingtonAd*
  • gageconnor@sippidysip 😂😂😂
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