Last looks before going on air! Tune in now to @HSN for the debut of PL by Padma Lakshmi! #nofilter #backstage
  • padmalakshmiLast looks before going on air! Tune in now to @HSN for the debut of PL by Padma Lakshmi! #nofilter #backstage

  • littlebubsmomSo gorgeous!! I know you do a lot for raising #Endometriosis Awareness, & are a fellow EndoSister!! You should check out @EndoProblems on Twitter!!
  • ohmohm17Wow is the only word for you
  • caseymagpieYou have the cheekbones of a goddess. 🌇
  • chand_inyour kaajal is in your eyes even i have the same problem. but it looks beutiful..
  • rochiezOh my gosh, been waiting for this launch for months, your stuff is stunning! Hope they ship worldwide...
  • padmalakshmi@rochiez hurry and go online to because we are selling out!!
  • padmalakshmi@caseymagpie thanks for saying that!!
  • rochiez@padmalakshmi on the site right now! 😁
  • malayaleeachayanAww, you look stunning, I'm a big fan. Love your work.
  • rochiezNoooo, only US shipping 😞 @padmalakshmi hoping you get international distributors, you have a huge following
  • priyatotesBeautiful @padmalakshmi
  • flob1kenobeeGrrrrr
  • maulakai:) more please
  • kelsey_chronicbeauty@padmalakshmi I would really like to know your opinion on Lupron - Depot treatment for endometriosis it has been making me very sick and I'm concerned about the side effects????
  • jecreeperSo lovely even in you name
  • padmalakshmi@kelseyptrck I don't know your particular case so hard to comment but some women I know have had a really hard time with Lupron so I'm not surprised. I think you should consider excision surgery. It's the gold standard. Drugs suppress the illness but don't remove the disease from the body. And they can have hormonal side effects in the short And long term. Get to a laproacopic specialist who excises the tissue not burn or lasers it.
  • padmalakshmiHope this helps.
  • kelsey_chronicbeautyThank you so much you are truly inspiring @padmalakshmi but I've already had the surgery in December and they started the injections in January and I just had my 4th injection and it has physically debilitated me and I am truly not the same person physically . I really and truly appreciate you responding . Keep speaking for us because your the only one truly getting the word out there!
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