Another one. I need my meds
  • wizkhalifaAnother one. I need my meds

  • eliasmoraarteIll be tattooing a portrait of you soon it would def.. Would be a fun one..
  • stackkz420All I Ever Want Is To Smoke Wit Yhu No Homo.. But Dhatz A Niqka Dream Lmao Spark Me Up One Fuqkin Time.!!!!!! @mistercap ..............
  • moniqua_renee❤❤
  • lenditaaxI love this picture ♥♥
  • yaggahendrixxFuck wit ya boy 🍁@yaggaflocka 🍁
  • freshroots@mistercap check us out brotha! Lets collab up! Email me or drop me your email
  • ayehurleyLove this picture.
  • moneeeet_😍😍😍😍😍
  • i_am_negusThis was my screensaver for the longest lol
  • michaila13Hah funny
  • maxouuu_78Where i can buy this sweat ????
  • michellcastan♡♥
  • itsaokayeYour an inspiration to me wiz. My life is nothing but pure misery. I'm 15 years old and I'm ready to leave everything and everyone behind me and just leave. I can't explain how much hope you give me. My girl friend for 6 years left me a few months ago and ever sense then my life has been complete torture. I hope that I someday will be as happy as you are. You have the world frowning on you, yet you still can smile. I use to be the most popular kid at my school, I use to party all the time, everyone liked me. But now I have absolutely nothing. Your an amazing man. Your a great rapper and a even better role model. I know you'll never read this, and you'll never know me.. But I just want to think you so much for giving my life a little bit of light. Thank you wiz
  • jooohnhenryU wanna know what sucks @mistercap u coming to town El Paso TX for neon desert and im on some probation shit!! I always wanted to see you in concert being highAF and i wont be able 2!! I got my ticket! Im still going i ain't missing out on it even if im soberAF!! Fuck it!! Taylor gang or Die!!! Haha xD
  • mronerrr@jankuul 🐍
  • longfick_Kim k got a fat ass you compromise? @mistercap
  • vickyickyvicky@courtneytuckx 😍😍😍
  • dsibiga@_natesylvester_
  • guiran11Just got booted , bumping to your shit b lmao
  • darren.bighamWhen we blowing down yo @allstars412
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