Another drawing of the making of the Nike Zoom Revis!!!! Shout out to @tcasper23 @kenzolink for making this happen. #nikefamily #justdoit #nikezoomrevis #artwork
  • revisislandtwo4Another drawing of the making of the Nike Zoom Revis!!!! Shout out to @tcasper23 @kenzolink for making this happen. #nikefamily #justdoit #nikezoomrevis #artwork

  • ryanhelin@justleish Darrell always shows love!!! Every picture I've ever tagged him in he has liked! #GetWellSoon #revisisland
  • dilbeck13Better make sure you add a tampa bay buccaneers flag on there #bucslife
  • landonrayburncome throw the ball around with me an my team 3 o clock today mission british columbia @darrellerevis24
  • funkytown_viceThey need to drop a yeezy colorway for your sneak
  • peterfitzsimmonsThey've got a custom yeezy color way @funkytownvice
  • 4_rudyI think you should go a different direction to make Dress shoes and boots or go for the fly guy look....Mix it up step out of the norm...That's just an idea
  • just4kicks212YO DARELLE!! Whats up fam... I no this is a long shot but I gotta try.... I have been a fan of u and your signature sneaker the Zoom Revis... if u look at my profile I have most of them so far... I am hitting u up because at the moment the info for the Zoom Revis Denim has released and it seems as ONLY Nike 21 Mercer in new york will have them and will only have 224 pairs PERIOD!!... I really really love your shoe and would love the opportunity to buy it... but I live in Orlando FL.... and being that ur in Tampa now is there any way u have extra pairs of the denims for a Zoom Revis collector like myself.... again I no this a long shot but I need that shoe... please help a fan out... I am a sz 11... or if u no any other way I can try and grab a pair... I just can't fly to new york and attempt to buy the shoe... hopefully u can help... and if not I understand.... I also have done a review of ur shoe on my youtube channel... thank you for ur time Darelle.
  • cali_boi760Ur shoes would b dope if u removed the strap... @darrellerevis24 p
  • ryderrustJust bought them
  • j.bacher@just4kicks212 you ever end up getting them? I Have a ds sz 11
  • just4kicks212Unfortunately I never was able to obtain them.... and I could never bring myself to paying over retail for them either since I own every other colorway (denim is the only one that sold and now resells for a lot) @_jbacher
  • soletreasures@darrellerevis24 I would love the opportunity to do any specialty packaging or custom boxes for your line.Id def send u some samples if interested we handle a lot of athletes and celebs
  • dhodges83#revisgang
  • tyler_keiferI have them. @darrellerevis24
  • jbatts9@versaiii want
  • nightwriterpoetBest show ever
  • dm19x6You got em before he posted this 😈😂😂 @_special38
  • _almvghtyso😆😉 @1lickwonda
  • d.clarKD copied him he had this design mad long before they came out with KD 6s @bboafo712 @savage.mackk21
  • kinglauuu@tccxx24 blueprint of zr
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