YOU SAVED A LIFE TODAY will be a great conversation starter at dinner tonight if you donate $25. One donation of $25 will provide one person in Africa with clean drinking water for the rest of their life. Jocelyn will walk 6KM(the average a female has to walk to get clean water in Africa daily) on April 22, 2013. @volcom @blenderseyewear @asantiwheels @thetruthagenda @puravidabracelets @thatkevinsmith @unif @gopro @zionjeeps @jacqueline_grace77 @fromthegrindup @offroadnation @itslavishbitch @bigsurfbeer @dilute_the_power @simplegreensmoothies @jaymewes @jessicaalaba @kblock43 @premiumlabeloutlet @robdyrdek @macklemore @keencanada @treecollection @jennamarbles @dramabeats @natgeo @yngandreckless @ripcurl_usa @tonyhawk @sitka_ @deadmau5 @ocean_space @ocean_magazine @deviateboardshop @gothiphop
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