Vi X 100
  • seungriseyoVi X 100

  • frontapersonrun이 사진 넘후졓하
  • zgg819One of a kind
  • egssmaihvix1000
  • xxaiseungri我爱你
  • zhujiaan我喜欢你 我爱你
  • kpopwonderlandLike my room wall its full of your pictures
  • minyixxi_❤ x 100
  • imharuka131난 모든 걸 알고 있어💭これなんて意味😕?
  • kukkychan♡LOVE♡
  • bomine2아...심장아파요...
  • swansong1212I want…
  • jessiechiang1608안녕하세요 이승리 씨 ~ ^^ 새해 복 많이 받으세요 😁🎉 제 이름은 Jessie Chiang 입니다... 저는 인도네시아의 패션 디자이너 입니다.. 😊
  • jessiechiang1608I'm a Fashion Designer for Indonesian Artist ( May I know your manager phone number? Because I really want to make a Fashion collaboration with Big Bang 😁😆 so I could talk with Big Bang Manager about this business collaboration 😊 I will send a Direct Message to your instagram for the detail ^^ please read it 😄 thank you~ 고마워요 🙇
  • uknohusslinHEY OPPA! Don't u think it's been too long? I hope u r taking care of yourself. 好きです♥︎
  • s_jessy_7完整的呢
  • danhuanger999vi
  • hanabeekVI❤️
  • seungri_grimiss you
  • sakura_panda_1212このとき好き〜!🐼💙💙💙
  • ayano_times1030どうかたった1度の人生を有意義に真っ直ぐ生きてください。ひねくれた人生なんてつまらないと思います。芸能界は自分を持つことが一番大切だと思いますが変に高いプライドなんて必要ありません。気が強くないと厳しい世界なのかもしれませんが、ここではこう、あそこではこうというようにコロコロ変えずに素のスンリさんをそのまんまの魅力を見せてください
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