So inspired by these motifs!
  • centsationalgirlSo inspired by these motifs!

  • osgirl410I love the purple!!
  • cuckoo4designI love the purple as well. Is that in your hotel?
  • fourgenerationsoneroofNice !
  • stephie_teeeCrazy for the quilt!
  • traylasHawaiian quilting?
  • centsationalgirltraditional Hawaiian quilting at the Polynesian Cultural Center - would love to see them in a repeat ...
  • scoutandnimbleI think you need to create a fabric like this for your line! I would so buy it! ;)
  • centsationalgirl@scoutandnimble you're reading my mind- definitely inspired to add an Aloha Collection!
  • susie_harris42Love the design
  • manu_willzshucks! you're probably just relaxing while you're staying here in the islands. I would have loved to seen a you in some type of workshop setting! But still enjoy your stay!
  • ferlytangonanHawaiian quilting has always caught my eye. I love that they are a different way of bringing an island feel to a room without the use of a palm tree.
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