Getting set to hit the ice #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsGetting set to hit the ice #TMLtalk

  • hjaiavajxuxnakBoo leafs boo
  • ridge_shadows8====D ...... It's a penis @chapcitybitch
  • leafs_fan_39Leads are the best. They might make those playoffs this year. I have faith does anyone else?
  • nicksolemanI beleaf #leafsftw
  • jakeayinger@zee_nasser So when's the last time the Leafs won a cup? I'm a Bruins fan myself.
  • leafs4life13@maggotsixsicsix ur a typical leafs basher... Come up with a new way to start a debate about the leafs as the last time they won the cup.
  • jakeayinger@zee_nasser And you're a typical retard fan. I live in Columbus but you don't see me going on about how "great" the Jackets are. I am more of a fan of the Bruins.
  • jakeayinger@zee_nasser It's just a fact that the Leafs suck nowadays.
  • leafs4life13@maggotsixsicsix yes the suck hence they are in a playoff spot idiot. If I lived in Columbus too I would have chosen another team. Ur just a stupid fan that jumps from band wagon to another depending on their spot in the standings. Do me a favour and allow to end this convo as u are uneducated and this is a pointless convo
  • jakeayingerNo because I've been a Bruins fan before they won the playoffs. And the Leafs still suck, even with a playoff spot. They suck ass and will lose the playoffs within the first 2 rounds.
  • georgeee46@maggotsixsicsix Why do you have to bash the leafs for? If you aren't a fan, stfu and talk shit about the bruins whom are also pretty shitty right now. Stop using the "last time they won a cup" as an excuse to bash them you stupid bruins fan.
  • jakeayinger@georgee420 All I said was boo and you guys flipped your shit.
  • hockeytoronto2Bruins sucked after they won the playoffs
  • _jakemorgado_Go leafs !!!!!!
  • donttfollowww.134Leafs are the best
  • trescherprins😂👆😆
  • ksjshsbanwnmrGREAT GAME!!
  • tytytootooGo leafs go
  • tytytootooLeafs rock
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