Team Murgalo hard at work. @petamurgatroyd
  • seanloweksuTeam Murgalo hard at work. @petamurgatroyd

  • thegabbymccauley_Wow
  • h.kerr23@theellenshow #koloaing
  • yunggeeseInappropriate
  • anna_813Lol! Love this!
  • tanichka232Lmao!
  • ncis_jibbs_foreverLove it
  • prisbrey824Isn't he engaged and I don't believe that's his fiancé gross
  • issanguyenCan that be me
  • heranjelPutting your head/face underneath her ass!? I'm unhappy
  • mcat178So sad to see you and @petamurgatroyd go! The judges did not give you enough credit. You always had such a positive attitude and you were so fun to watch!
  • gianna__tEww
  • monicaberthelsenOmg @kristinatt , me må se dancing with the stars
  • urrrrka41Inappropriate. Apparently not the gentleman you were portrayed to be while on the bachelor. Men are pigs and you're no exception.
  • sona.leagueYou were my favourite up until you became a SELL OUT to go DWTS. It doesn't matter if Catherine was okay with it. You're fucking lucky she's a cool chick. It doesn't even matter if nothing happened between you guys. Its just low of you to just go and do it. Fucking sell out. You're such a sell out pig. You are a dime in a dozen and until you realize that maybe you would've made better decisions for your relationship.
  • sarahetracey@phalakarma settle down, feisty. You get pretty worked up about a life you're not even close to being involved in. Sounds like you might be just a little bitter.
  • justpeypeytonHis face is like up her a$$. What the ?
  • mrs.v.123@phalakarma whoa you're all sorts of crazy! I know I'm 6 weeks late here but omg relax! Obviously their relationship is ok not that it's your business.
  • ksaavy90That's called the panda
  • christysnydsSean. I love you. You tweeted me a year ago and I was definitely in the top ten days of my life
  • rinnamarie_Peta is such a FLIRT! HATE HER SO MUCH!
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