My thoughts exactly!
  • hollymadisonMy thoughts exactly!

  • emily_suzannne@hollymadison your baby is beautiful and so is the name you chose for her. Trolls have nothing better to do than hate on things they are jealous of so stay strong.
  • breezy_bri91@hollymadison she is beautiful dont let these dirt bags insult u, Rainbow is pretty 💛💙💜💚❤💗
  • breezy_bri91@christa2dabarista go fuck yourself
  • breezy_bri91Hahahaha whatever piece of Trash go take your smart mouth fake hair and mascara out of here @christa2dabarista
  • cupcakecurmyA thrash can has more class than this Christa chick. Go wash your nasty mouth.
  • fairytalesofyesterday@christa2dabarista're talking about white people naming their kids dumb names? Umm...tell me who are the people naming their kids Shaquintiah, Deyshawn, Starkeisha, etc? You are an ignorant, ghetto fool.
  • shellsistaI named my daughter Skye 28 years ago.. My parents and family were a bit shocked at first, but like anything that can't be changed, they got use to it.. Growing up she didn't have one problem from all the normal named kids and school was the same... Kids take most things at face value," your names what, cool lets play". Too easy. It's what they here from adults that change their opinion... Love the name rainbow, well done @hollymadison ...
  •'s your her what you like. It's great to be different without being too weird! Rainbow is a nice name, it's like even on a bad day you've got a little rainbow to make it better. :)
  • keeleyac_It's sickening that some people can be so rude and disrespectful.. It's not ur baby so who cares what she has called Her... Rainbow is a cute name ❤, would u like it if people took the Piss out of ur child's name I don't think so!!
  • rapril4200F the haters who have nuttin better to do than judge everything people do!!! Thank goodness for differences, what a boring world we'd live in if everything was the same!!!
  • tahitistephanieI think the name is unique and beautiful. I don't think it is weird at all. Congratulations!
  • stefania_and_lucy@krystalalegria omg Krystal Alegria is a beautiful name!!! 😍 I'm Italian, so I know what "alegria" means. 😊 I have a normal name, Stefania (Stephanie), but kids made fun of me because I'm a redhead and there aren't many redhead in Italy...
  • ambernsteenShhh.. let's bring the hate down a few notches mmmk people? That'd be great. Thanks.
  • awatson03I think your baby's name is beautiful. I have always wish that I had a unique name like that because my name is Ashley and so orginal. My brother is having a baby and they're naming her axs rayn and it sounds like axis rain.
  • heymansorryI love the name rainbow! Like how can you ever be depressed with the name "rainbow" ?😊😊😊! I'm gonna name that my baby one day 😍
  • annacowdenWe're just speaking the truth!
  • ceydaortacSometimes the truth hurts
  • bassqueen_PLURVIBES BABY! ♡ @hollymadison #namaste
  • itsjessikaabitchMy friend names her daughted Ylati because she's from Italy and it Ylati spells Italy backwards .. . . Rainbow is your child everyone will be judgemental @hollymadison
  • beckwinchester😊😊😊😊
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