flying out again! Another adventure is waiting for me to explore! 😚 #theartspirit
  • michellephanflying out again! Another adventure is waiting for me to explore! 😚 #theartspirit

  • hello_resaEnvy~!
  • won99.7Love your eyes and eyebrows!
  • sandeezy17You are so photogenic
  • chromaticconsciousWhoa dude I thought this was you @sweetmarysorrow
  • kathryn_ckhSooo pretty!
  • vk.yagariI know you like art from your YouTube videos and this book. Why don't you post more of your art on here?
  • dulcielina@chromaticconscious haha xD ill take that as a compliment!
  • deletedaccount3.1415260You are soooo Pretty !! @michellefawn
  • sanaalakGood book
  • razzzziyaPlease do a vid on airplane essentials
  • koolglimmer@michellefawn I hate traveling as much as u love it
  • saalonisMichelle, your a gorgeus and you have a lovely personality. If I could, I would srsly switch lives! Your so pretty and fun and smart! Every Monday and Friday I wait for your new vids! Your videos always make my day! Your such an inspiration! I love your vids and keep up the hard work, as u can c it rlly pays off! XD:)
  • l.ucypMe having my dad living in Ireland knows what it is like to fly every 3 weeks and it is a bother hope you don't think of flying like me michelle
  • chloe_a_berger@michellefawn I really love your vids! I wait for them every Monday and Friday without fail and they have given me a lot of great tips and inspiration :) so thank you very much.
  • rulu7777You r so cool i love watching the videos you make on youtube it like mini movie and what book r u reading
  • my_preciousnesssxx🌹
  • veggiegigi88Cute
  • otw_bok12you are pretty even without any make up
  • mackenzihelen_I want to be like you when I get older ... so full of happiness ☺
  • kkate_hYour eyes are very beautiful !
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